10+ Best Halftone Patterns in 2021: Free and Premium

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Author Liza Koenhoven

Halftone Patterns. Halftones always convey elegance and richness of color. Only by using this effect can you maximize your favorite shade and enjoy it to the fullest. This interior design strategy will help to create an impressive visual effect! “Hypnotize” your guests in the literal sense of the wordโ€”they will not be able to take their eyes off your design.

This effect has long been used in photographs. In particular, film frames have always been an example of excellent grayscale.

The gradient effect is best revealed by bright and unusual colors such as orange, pink, and green. However, we do not exclude the classic black and grey overflows and also added them to our list full of patterns created just for you! What to chooseโ€”restrained classics or bright and shockingโ€”it all depends on you. Let’s start checking it out!

Best Premium Halftone Patterns

Striped Halftone Seamless Pattern

 Striped black and white texture.

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Stylish Hexagon Shape Pattern

Red strips in prints format.

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Seamless Green Square Patterns

The green variegated texture - here both snakeskin and squares.

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Shiny Halftone Pattern Made of Tiny Squares

Black background and small sparkles like stars.

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32 Halftone Patterns

Nice and interesting texture. there are different colors and gradients.

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Best Free Halftone Patterns

Vibrant Seamless Halftone Pattern

Stripes and geometric shapes in different colors.

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Blue Halftone Seamless Photoshop Pattern

Multi-colored texture to a point.

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Glitch and Halftone Seamless Patterns Set

Glitch noise distortion and halftone seamless patterns set.

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Dot Fade Halftone Gradient Pattern

Dotted black and white background, horizontal seamless dotted lines, monochrome dots texture backdrop, retro effect.

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Orange Halftone Seamless Photoshop Pattern

Orange dotted scrapbook paper.

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