15+ Best Grid Patterns in 2021: Free and Premium

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Author Liza Koenhoven

Grid Pattern. A grid, weave, or symmetric drawing used as part of a design will not surprise anyone, right? We are ready to argue with this. It would seem that nothing new can be invented, but we have managed to give new life to an ordinary grid pattern, so that you could apply it in your creativity the same as any new idea. It is a pretty famous saying, that everything ingenious is actually simple. Simply, crossed lines and connected dots can give such a stunning effect and, combined with an unusual color scheme, make it possible to create some incredible designs.

Forget that the grid might only be primitive, gray or black. Absolutely not! Classics will remain classics, but we have found the most unusual combinations of grids with bright colors such as gold, silver, and neon accentsβ€”all ready for your interior designs.

And you? Are you ready to appreciate our selection at its true worth? Let’s start listing the best grid patterns right here and right now.

Best Premium Grid Patterns

Subtle Grunge Grid Patterns

Black and white grid pattern.

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Seamless Diamond Grid Pattern

Multicolored background and rhombuses themselves.

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Distorted Indian Red Pool Tile Pattern

White squares with jagged lines on a red background.

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Lattice/grid Background Pattern

Ice cream cup texture.

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Vaporwave Grid Seamless Pattern

A multi-colored cell that repeats the background color.

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Best Free Grid Patterns

Big Grid Seamless Patterns

Plaid in pastel colors. It looks very delicate and beautiful.

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Black Stripes Seamless Pattern

Various print with geometric shapes and lines in black.

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Triangle Pattern with Connecting Lines and Dots

Triangle pattern with connecting lines and dots.

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Grid Patterns Seamless Collection

Grid patterns seamless collection.

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Dotted Grid Seamless Pattern

Dotted background.

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