15+ Best Gingham Pattern Images in 2021: Free and Premium

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Gingham Pattern. The gingham pattern is mostly associated with the design of clothing. Wearing it requires a certain understanding of the element and great taste for fashion. It is not that easy to mix gingham patterns with other patterns. This style of fabric is basically the equivalent of the typical pattern of picnic tablecloths.

What are the origins of this pattern? The first movie done in color, The Wizard of Oz, boosted the popularity of gingham. Dorothy was the fashion model for gingham in that movie, in fact. For some people, gingham patterns relate to pop culture while others associate the pattern with nostalgia for old Hollywood and Disney films. In any case, this pattern has a long legacy in the United States and many other regions of the world. Red, blue, green, grey, white, and black are the most typical colors for a gingham pattern. Initially, it used to be striped, checked, or plaid patterns, and not much has changed since then.

Today, this cotton fabric is used for more than clothing and accessories. 3D designers often apply this style to their paintings. Most often, the pattern consists of two colors, but there are exceptions. So, are you here hoping to find the best gingham patterns? We know how to help! Find your favorite free or premium gingham pattern below.

Top Gingham Pattern

Product Image & Rating (Out Of 10) Product Name Price
540 Geometric Patterns

Great Premium Gingham Patterns

Tartan Seamless Pattern

A cell with a predominantly green tint.

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Red Gingham Digital Papers

Red cage of different sizes. Reminiscent of the tablecloth in American families in the 50s.

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Blue Gingham Craft Vinyl Sheet

Blue cage in two versions - classic and carved.

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Pretty Fabric Picnic Cloth Gingham

The multi-colored cage is versatile to use.

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Easter Polka Dots and Gingham

Easter Digital Papers Pack of 12 Fresh Spring Pastel Colored Polka Dot and Gingham Background Patterns.

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Fruits, Dots, and Gingham Patterns

Fruits, Dots And Gingham Patterns are perfect for scrapbooking, planner embellishing, party invitations, cards, gift wrapping, paper crafts and much more.

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Red Gingham Pattern

Red with gray and white check.

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Best Free Gingham Pattern Images

Set Collection of Checkered Gingham Pattern Line Tablecloth

Collection of different colored cells.

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Black and White Gingham Pattern

Black and White Gingham Pattern.

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540 Geometric Patterns

Print with geometric patterns in different colors.

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Gingham Forest Pattern

Green square with wide and thin lines.

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Picnic Seamless Gingham Pattern

Classic red check.

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Pastel Gingham Patterns Set

Cells of different styles and sizes in pastel colors.

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