10+ Best Fonts with Tails in 2021: Free and Premium

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Fonts with Tails. Fonts with tails resemble the style of hand-written letters of the 17th and 18th centuries. Some handwritten fonts are based on the handwritings of such famous masters as George Schell and George Beekam. These fonts have an elegant, noble typographic design. These typefaces are not suitable for basic writing. Therefore, it is common to use them in various greetings, invitations, and inscriptions for festive events.

Fonts with tails are difficult to perceive visually compared to the standard, and therefore, more difficult to read larger texts. This should be considered when choosing a font style for the text decoration. The fonts with tails should be used in the headers of individual phrases and small texts, to make the lines of special attention and importance stand out.

We have compiled a variety of fonts with tails, both free and premium, each of which is distinguished by its own originality.

Best Premium Fonts with Tails

Lovely Fonts with Tails

Delicate cursive font that best describes your love.

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Breathing Brush Signature Font

Vintage font. As if Bach wrote his sonnets in such a font.

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Mollitha Fonts with Tails

This font is for enjoyment and inspiration.

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The Fox Tail Font

A bold font that perfectly describes your adventures.

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Dangellio Font

This font is ready to break hearts with its tenderness.

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Buinton Fonts with Tails

The font is similar to the Brazilian carnival.

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Maddison Font

This font was created by sea foam and birdsong.

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Best Free Fonts with Tails

Precious Font

A fabulous font that would be a great choice for romantic stories.

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Buttey Honey Font

Sweet honey font.

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Adine Kirnberg Font Family

An aristocratic font with thin lines.

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Tehisa Font

A font with many plant plexuses.

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Blacksword Font

The font looks like it came out of the Peaky Blinders series and it has something to tell us.

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Yessy Font

Delicate and elegant font with flowers and hearts.

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Candlescript Font

This font is like the sound of a piano - gentle and serene.

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Sunset Beach Font

Bold italic font in urban style.

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