10+ Best Family Tree Templates Google Docs for 2021: Free and Premium

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Family Tree Templates Google Docs. A family tree is a graphical chart describing the relationship within a family. It is usually created in the form of a tree, which can face either upward or downward. The overall style of your family tree can be pleasing to the eye and express your taste and interests. On the other hand, it can be related to some attribute of your family. For example, the main geography, nationality, or occupations of the tree characters, etc.

There may be hereditary artists in your family, or your family has been living by the sea for five generations already, or maybe your great-grandfather was an Olympic champion, and now the love for the sport is the keynote of all your relatives. All of this can be expressed in the design of your family tree.

A family tree that is printed and put in a beautiful frame can be a valuable and touching gift for your older relatives.

Best Premium Family Tree Templates

Magic Family Tree

A laconic tree for a small family.

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Watercolor Family Tree Creator

Delicate watercolor tree for your family.

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Editable Family Tree Chart

Classic family tree.

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Ancestry – Genealogical Tree Toolkit Creator

A great option for a family tree that can be hung on the wall.

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Family Tree Design

A creative version of the tree for a large family with history.

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Best Free Family Tree Templates

Generation Family Tree Template

A neat and delicate version of the family tree.

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Santos Family Tree Template

Your family's story will fit perfectly here.

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Basic Genogram Template

It is more a diagram of the family and its members in a certain generation.

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Free Family Tree Template

Black and white family tree.

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My Family Tree Template

Such a vibrant tree for a family in fall style.

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This is a real art tree for family history.

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