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20+ Best Art Markers in 2021 for Professionals, Beginners; for Coloring, Drawing, and Sketching

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By: Liza Koenhoven July 27, 2021 12 minutes

Art markers are gaining a lot of popularity among designers and creative people. In its essence, such a tool is a kind of reservoir filled with paint flowing to a nylon or felt tip. It is a modern and convenient item for drawing and lettering, which can be used in several different situations.

It is a quite handy and practical way to create not only sketches, but also a wide variety of illustrations, paintings, clothing, and other things and interiors, including airbrush images. Working with such markers has a number of distinct advantages, among which is a wide range of available colors, good, and sometimes even perfect, quality of the end project, and a large list of surfaces for drawing and lettering. In addition, high-quality markers for sketching have an eye-catching and colorful palette of shades, body and nibs construction, etc.

In this article, we will talk about the different types of markers, take you through their features, pros and cons, and show you the best art markers available on the digital market.

Tip Shapes

These tips may actually remind you of a real paint brush with an elongated sharpened form. They differ from others in the softness of the porous material, which allows you to work on the material as accurately as possible.

Brush Tip

Art markers have different kinds of tips in their design, varying in their structure, shape, and thickness, which are suitable for many types of work and for the individual characteristics of the product. There are also some markers with interchangeable nibs. Let’s find out what the types are, and why they are so different.

Chisel Tip

Good quality items with a chisel tip allow you to write in three different ways: wide, medium, and fine strokes. They often have a very stable permanent ink that dries instantly and rarely fades.

Fine Tip

Fine-tip tools often have a tip size of one millimeter or less and are useful for working with drawings or tracing small details of an image, accentuating colors. These products are often used to sign documents.

Bullet Tip

Bullet tip markers are the most common and more flexible type of writing nodes and are equally successful in children’s, office, art, and industrial pens. These tips give a straight line at almost any angle of tool inclination.

Double-Ended Markers

Double-ended markers are a combination of two types of tip, which necessarily makes it the most versatile, but the quality may suffer. Sometimes such instruments are offered as low-cost options, but, of course, there are some exceptions.

Types of Artist Markers

Let’s take a look at the three main types of filler for markers, the choice of which is as important as anything else. But before that, you must understand that the main property by which art markers are chosen is the paint clarity.


Alcohol-based markers are excellent for working on paper, plastic, plywood, fabric, and foam. Due to the alcohol, the paint dries quickly and does not wash out with water, but nevertheless reacts to each subsequent paint layer applied, which allows you to make smooth transitions between shades and colors. Because the paint of such markers adheres to the surface quite firmly, it can only be removed with alcohol.


Water-based markers are used for drawing on cardboard and paper. They leave a semi-transparent trace that is similar to watercolor strokes. After drawing, the single strokes are washed out with water to create more softness and pastel shades.


Solvent-based tools use a combination of ink with a solvent such as xylene, methyl isobutyl ketone, or butyl acetate. Inks for these products are relatively water-resistant and fairly durable. They are not quite permanent, however. These tools are commonly found in handicraft projects because they can be used on a variety of surfaces, both porous and non-porous.

What To Look For

Choosing items for art works is not as simple as it seems, and if a certain marker suits one person perfectly, then working with the same one you can be completely disappointed in it. That’s why you need to know exactly how to decide what product to choose for your needs. So, let’s figure out what to look for when searching for drawing markers. There are many criteria and categories in which it is very easy to become confused and make the wrong choice, but hopefully our article clears this up for.

Ink Quality

One of the most important things in choosing good markers is the quality of their ink or what is called the refill. If the ink is poor, it will be very difficult to mix, and if the marker is of the same quality, the ink will be spotty and the surface will have overlapping strokes. The ink should be good, not flowing too freely, and then dry easily.

Colors of Ink

If you are just starting out on your marker journey, you will first need to think about the basic colors most needed. You will be able to gather the combinations you want, and as your skill grows, supplement it with the additional colors you need. You should also know that some markers are grouped by type, and it is possible to buy them as a set of a particular color palette that interests you.

Marker Tips & Nibs

Many people are confused by the huge variety of markers available. There are quite a few differences between them on the market. And often these differences are specifically because of the nibs. Essentially, the tip consists of a porous material that moves the pigment to the surface through a capillary effect. There are a lot of different forms of tips, but it is worth noting the three main ones. The simplest and most common is the bullet, but there are also chisel and brush tips. Using all three types opens up a fairly wide range of possibilities, from plain signatures and calligraphy to working with drawings, sketching, and detailing pictures.


Markers have quality levels that you need to know about before you start working with them. The three main levels include: student, art, and Copic.

Student-grade markers are not as expensive as the other variants. But they are not suitable for professional use. Artist markers are an all-over grade that you will be working with most of the time. They are permanent and have a wide range of colors. The most expensive, high-quality markers are Copic markers. Basically, everything depends on your budget, as well as your desire and self-confidence.

All About Copic Markers

Copic markers is a specially designed brand for painters. They are priced higher than others, but what distinguishes them is their reusability, refillable, and interchangeable tips. Also, when buying whole sets of Copic markers, you can gather a nice collection with a wide variety of colors, which gives you the opportunity to use them for almost anything.

Copic has earned its name for the high quality and durability of their products, as well as blending abilities, gigantic variety of colors, and interchangeable tips. In addition, you can refill the markers when the ink supply runs out. Refilling the tubes is quite easy. It is even possible to mix and create your own colors by using empty tubes and special tips. These markers have the best quality of ink so the colors are saturated and very eye-catching.

The Best Art Markers

The Original Chartpak AD Markers

Professional, xylene-based marker for art and design.

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Price: $77.76

Professional art markers are based on xylene, perfect for art as well as design and much more. The permanent marker can be easily applied to a large number of surfaces. They have a fairly long lifespan when used properly. Among the main disadvantages are a strong pungent smell and a sharp difference in tones. It is an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced artists.

Keebor Premium 50+1 Colors Dual Tip Alcohol Art Markers

Simple design, stable quality, supply for the world.

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Price: $19.99

These double-sided art markers are immediately fascinating due to their simple design and consistent quality, which has been known worldwide for many years. They are perfect for sketching, illustration, coloring, comic books, and much more. They have two types of tips: a bullet and chisel, which gives you precise line control and excellent blending. On the other hand, they dry out quickly if handled carelessly.

Winsor & Newton Promarker Brush

All graphic markers have a brush tip for full coverage.

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Price: $120.06

These are good art markers that will not disappoint you. They have a brush and chisel tip for a variety of tasks. They are filled with alcohol-based inks that provide flawless, streak-free coverage. It is easy to layer and mix different colors. They also do not fade. A slight disadvantage is the dullness of some colors for a certain type of work.

Prismacolor 1776353 Premier Double-Ended Art Markers

Dual ended markers featuring both fine and brush tips.

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Price: $94.84

The fine markers have two types of tips, thin and brush ones, which expand the range of work with this tool. The dye-based inks give richness and good blending. Because of the single ink source, you will have excellent color uniformity. For some, it is difficult to use them as traditional markers because of the nature of the tips. They are more suitable for artists.

Faber-Castell Albrecht Durer Artists’ Watercolor Markers

Watercolor Markers that are highly versatile and savvy to add a watercolor wash to a variety of art projects.

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Price: $99.89

And closing out the best art markers review is this set of high-quality watercolor markers for artists. They are suitable for absolutely everyone, from the novice artist to the professional. They have large and small bullet nibs that allow you to work with different strokes and lines. The marker is filled with high quality water-based ink that is odorless. The only drawback is that sometimes the ink can gather in the cap.

The Best Markers For Professional Art & Sketching

Prismacolor 3620 Premier Double-Ended Art Markers

This product is best for art and craft use and is made of highly durable products.

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Price: $28.00

These are special markers for real professionals and fans of their work. It shows up flawlessly in sketching and many art styles. It is made of high-strength material that guarantees durability. It has two nibs: chisel and fine, and is also filled with premium alcohol ink. The minor disadvantages include higher moisture content for some material surfaces.

Prismacolor Premier Illustration Markers

Multiple tip sizes ensure you can make precisely the right mark.

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Price: $11.97

These high-quality markers would definitely be a great choice for making sharp detail lines or for working with intricate drawings. Several fine tip sizes allow you to make a thoroughly clear mark, and the rich ink has solid water resistance and won’t smudge. However, do not put too much pressure on the nib, which can cause it to break.

Uni-Posca Paint Marker Pen

It is a water-based pigment ink that is non-toxic, lightfast, and waterproof.

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Price: $19.75

These good drawing markers are perfect for any artist. The items can be used on a variety of surfaces including plaster, glass, wood, and more. The water-based ink is non-toxic and ultra-stable and will not bleed through the paper.

Tombow 56170 Dual Brush Pen Art Markers

Ideal for fine art, brush lettering, faux calligraphy, illustrations, water color illustrations, journaling and more.

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Price: $18.83

This is the perfect variant of illustration markers that will satisfy all your needs. Perfect for fine art, illustration, calligraphy, and more. With the brush tip you can make strokes of different thicknesses, while the fine one allows you to create crisp lines. The water-based ink is easy to mix and odorless, as well as non-toxic. The disadvantages are the slightly dull color for certain types of work.

Tombow 56149 Dual Brush Pen Art Markers

Flexible brush tip and fine tip in one marker! Brush tip works like a paintbrush to create fine, medium or bold strokes.

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These best art markers will be great for artists and craftsmen. Each item has two nibs with an ink chamber that has an exact color match. It contains a colorless blending pen for mixing different colors. Some minor drawbacks include blurring in some cases.

The Best Markers for Beginners

Copic Marker Copic Alcohol Sketch Marker Set

Packaged in a clear plastic case, a sketch set is the ideal way to begin or add to a marker collection.

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Price: $70.20

This small set features reusable best art markers for beginners with brush tips for blending as well as chisel for writing and sketching. The sprite-based ink is permanent and non-toxic. The disadvantages are the fragile tip retention design.

Copic Markers 6-Piece Sketch Set

Alcohol based ink is pemranent and non toxic, dries acid free.

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Price: $31.88

These quality sketch markers are preferred by many because of their well-mixed alcohol-based inks, which do not delaminate or soak the paper. They are durable and have interchangeable tips, which will also be very handy. It is a good set of skin-tone markers for those who do character drawing, and would be great for sketches and more.

Crayola Brush & Detail Dual Tip Markers

These Dual-Ended markers feature a brush tip & Ultra-fine tip for thick and thin lines.

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Price: $11.59

These types of markers are equipped with a brush and an ultra-thin tip for thick and thin lines. They are versatile and great for beginners who enjoy drawing, sketching, and writing. A slight disadvantage is that they are short-lived and also easily smudged.

100 Colors Dual Tip Brush Pens with Fineliners Art Markers

Colors dual tip brush pens.

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This color pen art set consists of one hundred unique double-tip pens, which is sure to make it easy for the artist. They have a good quality ink that mixes well enough, doesn’t take long to dry, and doesn’t bleed out. The disadvantages are that the body is not ergonomic and the quality of the fine line tip is not good enough.

Arteza Real Brush Pens

These premium paint pens offer richer colors & finer, more flexible tips than you'd get with costlier brands.

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Price: $25.99

These are some of the best art markers for coloring. The combination of good quality and a reasonable price makes these markers one of the best solutions for beginners. It is possible to use water brush tips to create a watercolor effect. The only disadvantage is that the brush will fall off after working with them for a long time.

The Best Cheap Art Markers

Faber-Castell DuoTip Washable Markers

DuoTip Markers mean twice the colors for double the coloring fun. Washable ink is made from food-grade dyes.

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Here is a good set of cheap art markers with a double tip and ink made of food coloring. These markers are safe for children and are great for both school and home, a great solution for coloring. The ink in the markers is water-based and completely non-toxic and safe for children. The disadvantage is that they are very difficult to remove from the hands.

Tombow Dual Brush Pen Art Markers

Non-toxic, blend able, acid free, non-bleeding, and odorless water-based ink.

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With this product, drawing with markers will be a pleasure. It is a pen with two double tips—a brush and a thin one. The elastic brush does not deform and keeps its position from stroke to stroke. The non-water based ink is non-toxic, odorless and mixes well. But because of the hardness of the brush it does not squeeze enough in the writing.

Tombow Fudenosuke Neon Brush Pen

Great for beginner brush calligraphy, hand lettering, and illustration.

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This is one of the best sets of cheap markers with flexible tips that easily allow you to change the line width by adjusting the pressure force. The water-based ink provides bright, saturated colors and does not show through more paper. Great for writing or calligraphy. The downside is that it is not refillable.

Tombow Dual Brush Pen Art Markers

Set of 9 colors with colorless blender pen.

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Price: $12.91

This offering is one of the best cheap markers for art, as these water-based pens are great for fine art as well as illustration. Also, the set includes a pen for blending and creating a watercolor effect. Practically the best choice for beginners and also great for children.

Crayola Blending Marker Kit with Decorative Case

Blending markers & decorative tin: features 14 vibrant color markers, 2 colorless markers for blending, and a marker storage case.

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Price: $16.41

This is probably one of the best affordable art markers while maintaining a fairly good quality product. They are great as cartooning tools for sketches and drawings due to the mixing of colors, as well as the two colorless markers that come with them. The ink is safe and non-toxic, which also allows children to draw without worrying about their health. A small disadvantage is that sometimes the markers dry out quickly.

What Other Tools Do You Need To Start?

We have many different kinds of markers, but what do you do with them? Of course, you have to use them to draw on something. There are many different materials like wood, glass, plaster, even bodies, but the most important and sought after is paper.

Marker Paper Pad

Bright white, smooth coated paper is ideal for marker rendering.

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It is a quality pen pad with an excellent ink block addition. The item is made of specially coated sheets for marker application.

Canson Foundation Tracing Paper Pad

The most translucent tracing paper.

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Before you is a special tracing paper for working with pencils, markers, and more. It is translucent in itself and also has a smooth surface, the main advantage being its resistance to scraping.

Winsor & Newton Pigment Marker Heavy Weight Pad

The coating on each sheet allows a slower drying time with minimal absorption.

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If you are looking for perfect paper, then this one is excellent for art markers that have been developed for pigmented formulas that provide a long drying time and minimal absorption. One of its main advantages is its durability and high quality.


In this article, we have fully taken apart all the subtleties of working with markers, as well as carefully reviewed their types, nibs, and kinds of inks. We hope that this information will help you make the best choice and get to work on creating impressive projects.


🖍 What’s the best professional art marker?

It’s hard to answer, since everyone has different tastes and requirements, but we think that this product can be safely attributed to the best, because it covers a fantastic compatibility of quality, convenience, and price.

🖍 Is it better to draw with a pen or marker?

Each of them has its own advantages and is intended for certain types of work, so something particular can’t be better at everything.

🖍 Are Sharpies good for the artist?

These markers are perfect for drawing cartoons and comics. And, of course, you can use them for your special purpose.

🖍 What paper is best for drawing with markers?

Winsor & Newton’s marker paper is quite good, and possibly the best.

🖍 What markers are as good as Copic?

A good alternative to Copic markers would be Tombow or Prismacolor.

🖍 Are Prismacolor markers better than Copic?

Both have pros and cons, and the customer himself chooses what he likes more. Here a big role plays the preferences of customers.

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From Ohuhu to Artist’s Loft to Copic…. which alcohol marker is the best? Which is the worst? Let’s test them and find out!


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