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Hollic Elegant Brush Script Font Description

Elegant Brush Script Font. This font will look gorgeous on all your designs, branding materials, blog headers, business cards, quotes, invitations and more!

Hollic Brush come with 462 glyphs. The alternative characters were divided into several Open Type features such as Swash, Stylistic Sets, Stylistic Alternates, Contextual Alternates, and Ligature. The Open Type features can be accessed by using Open Type savvy programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop Corel Draw X version, And Microsoft Word. And this Font has given PUA unicode (specially coded fonts). so that all the alternate characters can easily be accessed in full by a craftsman or designer

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  • Basic Latin A-Z and a-z.
  • Numbers.
  • Symbols.
  • Stylistic Set.
  • Ligatures.
  • Script 655 Glyphs.
  • Sans 232 Glyphs.
  • Sans II 259 Glyphs.
  • PUA Encode.
  • Latin Pro Support Character.
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
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honilad script
Honilad Sans
Honilad Sans II
Honilad Bonus

Honilad Elegant Brush Script Font Previews

Cute font in pink color.

Perfect font for the most important events.

General view of Hollic font

Ornament set with different icons.

All symbols in Honilad sans.

The main characters of Honilad font.

Honilad font characters.

Simple thanks card on the wooden surface.

You can describe your adventure with this font.

Cool festive font for any holidays.

This is a versatile font. It looks good for many events.

Describe your love with this font.

Romantic matt cards with watercolor

What Are Fonts and What Makes Them Useful?

A web font is a group of symbols of a certain dimension and design that creates one thematic and structural system. The primary purpose of any font is to draw the reader’s interest with its design and color and get him to read the written text. A well-crafted font helps to convey not only the text content but even a particular feeling. Trendy and unusual fonts are more powerful and more noticeable, so every company attempts to regularly work with its unique one as an integral element of their brand identity. The price for custom-made fonts frequently varies from zero to hundred dollars.

What Kinds Of Fonts Are There?

In case you’re a typeface artist or designer, you can probably identify plenty of different types , something like Slab, Gothic, and the Transitional. But listing them all is nearly impossible, so here are four main groups to learn about:

– Serif – the symbols include tiny dashes at their ends, intended to create more traditional typefaces;

– Sans-serif – the characters with no dashes at the ends, which gives them a more contemporary, “minimalistic” style and simplifies the visual comprehension of big text fragments.

– Script – lovely cursive or handwritten typefaces in which characters are usually crossed with each other. Script is suitable for making a stylish, fun and calm handwritten text.

– Decorative fonts – made mainly for luring the reader’s interest or used for another particular effect or goal. Elegant Brush Script Font

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