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Date of Creation October 22 2020
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Pen Textures

Pen Textures. 60 Seamless pattern of hand drawn linear hatching and crosshatching textures.

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File type PNG
File size 375.85 MB
JPG size 4000×2667 px
  • 4000×2667 px
  • 300 dpi
  • transparent background

Pen Textures Previews

pen textures

Design Patterns and Textures

What is a design texture?

Each and every work of art, no matter whether it is a drawing, sculpture or website design object has two to three dimensions. In addition to size, shapes and colors it also comes with certain characteristics of the work surface which is perceived by eye. When looking at the picture you can say that it’s coarse, glossy, matt, smooth, soft or fine. You’ve now learned what a texture is.

Precisely what a pattern is?

A pattern can be seen as a background that consists of recurrent pictures. When we notice that a set of elements of design is duplicated numerous times within a single layout, we refer to this as a pattern. Patterns are most valued for being light and adaptable to various screen sizes. By using patterns, you can come up with one-of-a-kind bright backgrounds and point out individual components. Numerous web developers decide on patterns over HQ pictures to create site backgrounds since they are highly unique, stunning, and simple to work with. Patterns easily compose excellent and consistent designs. Typically, we find patterns and textures in digital design, together with web and product designs. You can employ these effects to add more appeal to any digital task or artwork. Incorporating an attractive pattern or a detailed texture can absolutely transform the appearance of any design. The costs of textures and patterns vary from 4 dollars to 50 dollars determined by their complexity and originality. We provide the most varied bundles on They differ in price range, so every customer will find something to suit their resources.

The Definition Of Bundle Deals?

A package is a set of graphics or other design items that can be bought together. The best thing about these product packages is their price range. A pack will cost you many times less than every item if purchased independently. Frequently, a kit will include what you need to accomplish a design task. These special deals are limited , so don’t miss your chance to get effective web design resources and get a better price.

Why the patterns & textures quality is so vital?

High quality patterns and textures will add dynamics and individuality to your commercial projects. If you consider profitable website designs or branding materials, you will notice that they make use of the power of textures and patterns. As an illustration, a quality natural texture used in a design of a wrapping will make the product seem eco-friendly and high-end. A website with a modern technology-influenced pattern background will appear innovative and high-quality. If you need your business oriented designs to create a certain impression, graphic patterns and textures are your must-have resources. Pick them carefully and don’t give up quality for the price

What to do if the design element you need is not in the bundle?

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What other deals does sell?

Each of the deals you come across on the Masterbundles website are developed by pro graphic designers and have gone through thorough QC. The bundles consist of fonts, graphic web templates, WordPress web themes, infographic elements, PSD templates, mockups, Instagram themes. Moreover, there are stock images, vector illustrations, PPT templates and resumes, logos and backgrounds offers. There are deals with the price tag of lower than five dollars and holiday themes packs.

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