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Date of Creation March 9 2019
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Here comes a wonderful collection of icons for your projects! Admit it: you spend more time searching for quality icons than actually working them into your designs… Forget about it. You can always get exactly what you need with Masterbundles 😉

A comprehensive set of 475 icons displayed here compiles everything you want your icons to be – flat, modern, seamlessly designed and multi-purpose. You’ll find icons on any topic you can think of, from business to healthcare. Take your web templates and other designs to the next level with this bundle!

You can take home these 475 flat icons for an unbelievable $16, so grab them before it’s too late 🙂




















What exactly is a graphic bundle?

Just about every designer, as a talented professional, should be able to draw any image from a blank canvas. But for the most purposes, it may well take a lot of time and will never deliver adequate profit for him or her. This is why many of the graphic designers use pre-made visual elements – mix these graphic components, adjust them and create the design . It is actually silly to purchase those components individually, that is exactly why they are put into graphic packages and offered as a singular product.

The way to spend much less bucks on MasterBundles deals?

Are you looking for a 5% additional price cut on any collection from MasterBundles? What you need to do is simply share the web page with a bundle on social websites (Facebook).

Tell me more about the types of graphic package deals

Considering that all of the bundle deals differ from one to another, almost every designer will discover the needed collection for any specific venture. Browsing them you will find the collections including illustration swatches, social media infographics, PPT templates, and much more. On , you can find over 450 graphic packages to choose from. That said, you’ll not have even an opportunity to leave the site empty-handed.

So why are graphic bundles cost-effective?

For a single design job, you will require lots of components – just a few icons, a number of pics, a font, et cetera. In case you would want to buy all of them on an individual basis it can cost you a lot of money! And so, that’s the reason expert web designers look for graphic packages to buy.

Any other deals on MasterBundles?

Other than graphic design package deals, you’ll find a limitless number of alternative selections on MB. The bundles of stock photos, logo templates, patterns, fonts and textures are out there . On top of that, you’ll find the full packages of WP templates, courses and e-books, resume templates, slides, and various other components.

What is a watercolor graphics bundle?

The watercolor graphics bundle is a package containing images and illustrations painted with watercolors. They will fit for a wide range of businesses, such as cosmetics, fashion, perfume and food distributors. Business cards or wedding invitations could also be designed with this package deal.

Photo tools

The graphic designers who choose to utilize photos are going to be notably happy with the photo overlays deals. They include multiple design elements used to enhance and alter the images. This sort of visual elements is placed over the images to produce some fresh and interesting look. carries a big collection of packages, filled with photo overlay elements.

Define an Instagram design template?

In the online era, many of us commit virtually one half of our lives within social media platforms such as Instagram. No matter what purpose we try to achieve using this network, we need to be noticeable in a giant crowd amidst countless similar profiles. With high quality Instagram templates provided by, you don’t have to spend eternity creating the outstanding look of your Instagram page.

Precisely what is infographics package?

If you require infographics for a future presentation in any kind of industries through social networking and marketing and advertising to medicine and education, the bundle is just the thing you have been hunting for. With the infographics package deal you will find yourself saving your time which is crucial in terms of productivity.

Whether you feel like you have lost tons of time when researching various tools and elements for your current design tasks, it is a high time to understand more about This is a marketplace offering the most widely used tools (watercolors, presentations, graphics etc.) for web designers, online marketers, and developers at an affordable price for a very limited time. In order to not miss important information about the upcoming promos, we advise following our blog and signing up for the email newsletter.