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Date of Creation December 11 2022
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Wizarding World Watercolor Set Description

Wizarding World Watercolor Set. This collection is inspired by the Harry Potter books and movies that everyone loves so much and the magical world of Harry Potter. I have been a fan of this universe since childhood. Through the creation of these illustrations I became even more imbued with love for the magical world of Harry Potter and as if I even became a small part of it.

I hope you will feel the same love and be part of the magical world with my illustrations

In this collection you will find a lot of interesting magical things, many of which you are already familiar with, magical postal owls, which always find their addressee, books and letters, creating an atmosphere of comfort and warmth, as well as delicious dishes and desserts from the great hall of the magic castle with gold and bronze dishes. And of course, the magic train, which will take you to the magical world with all your luggage

These illustrations will help you create cards, posters, covers, gifts, social media account, wrapping paper, wallpaper, fabric, scrapbooking, stickers, sites, blogs, invitations, mudboards, cases and much more!


  • 16 Books ~850-2200px, png, 300dpi.
  • 7 Candles ~250-1600px, png, 300dpi.
  • 39 Desserts ~250-1400px, png, 300dpi.
  • 13 Dishes ~300-1300px, png, 300dpi.
  • 24 Drinks ~180-1200px, png, 300dpi.
  • 21 Food ~500-1700px, png, 300dpi.
  • 41 Letters ~150-1700px, png, 300dpi.
  • 77 Magic Stuff ~150-3000px, png, 300dpi.
  • 17 Owls~700-2500px, png, 300dpi.
  • 10 Suitcases ~1100-2300px, png, 300dpi.
  • 10 Trains ~1700-2500px, png, 300dpi.
  • 5 Spots ~1600-2700px, png, 300dpi.
  • 22 Pre-made compositions ~750-1800px, png, 300dpi.
  • 3 Other ~600-3000px, png, 300dpi.
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