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Date of Creation February 1 2023
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Have you ever found that your design doesn’t look as real as it could?
You just wanted to put some extra texture on it but the right one was missing?
Or you just like to mess with photos and make them look older than they are?
These 68 dust brushes and overlays will help you in many ways. If you just want some particles in the background, put some grunge on an object you want to look older or if you just want to give some filthy retro look to some of your pictures, these brushes can help you to achieve these effects.
============= CONTENTS ================
All the Brushes and images are about 2400px in size.

44 Photoshop Dust Stamp Brushes (.abr)

24 Photoshop Dust Stroke/Scatter Brushes (.abr)

44 Affinity Dust Stamp Brushes (.afbrushes)

24 Affinity Dust Stroke/Scatter Brushes (.afbrushes)

44 Procreate Dust Stamp Brushes (.brushset)

24 Procreate Dust Stroke/Scatter Brushes (.brushset)

44 PNGs black on transparent

57 Overlays(JPG grayscale)

4 Example PSDs

47 Photoshop Layer Styles

21 Affinity Layer Styles

============= Usage ================

Give some additional texture to your design
Create a retro look images and photos
Use the dust as grunge and dirt
Make thing filthy! Because clean was yesterday!
Use as sand, particles or dots
Add some artificial “stars” to a night sky
Or maybe as tiny breadcrumbs?

68 Dust Brushes & Overlays pinterest preview image.