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Watercolor animals bundle and World Animal maps

216 watercolor hand drawn animals for your creative projects!
Set of safari, jungle, polar, woodland, farm and ocean animals. Plenty of watercolor birds, dinosaurs and butterflies.
Create your own watercolor animals alphabets, flash cards, world maps or any other educational material for kids! This set is also perfect for nursery art, creating greeting cards, invitations for baby shower and birthday party, for creating prints and patterns or home decoration elements. All illustrations are hand-drawn and hand-painted with colorful watercolor on a high quality watercolor paper

You will get:

216 animals as png files with transparent background (300dpi)

10 ready to print maps (jpg files, 300 dpi):

World animal map (as A0, A1 and A2 size)

Africa map

Noth America map

South Americ map

Eurasia map

Australia map

Just watercolor map on white background

World map without animals

Watercolor World map as png file with transparent background (300 dpi)

In total: 227 files

Among animals are crane, akepa, alpaca, anteater, antelope, arctic fox, badger, bat, bear, beaver, beluga whale, bison, different fishes, bobcat, box jelly fish, budgerigar, capybara, cassowary, cats, cow, chaffinch, cheetah, chick, chicken, chipmunk, cockatoo, crocodile, crow, deer, dog, dolphin, doneky, duck, dugong, dune lark, echidna, elephants, el oro parakeet, ermine, flamecrest, flamingo, flounder, fox, frogs, galah, giraffe, goanna, goat, goose, gorilla, great white shark, hammer fish, hare, arctic hare, hawfinch, hedgehog, hippo, horse, hunstman spider, ibis, iguana, iiwi, jaguar, jabiru, kangaroo, killdeer, killer whale, king eider, koala, kookaburra, lemur, leopard, limpkin, lion, macaw, maleo, meerkat, monkey, moose, narina trogon, narwhal, newt, north deer, numbat, octopus, oilbird, oppossum, ostrich, owl, palila, panther, parrot, peacock, penguin, pheasant, pig, platypus, polar bear, polar whale, quail, quetzal, quoll, rabbit, racoon, rhinoceros, robin, rook, rooster, sanderling, seal, sheep, skunk, sloth, black spider, squirrel, stingray, storkes, swan, tasmanian devil, thorny devil, tiger, tomtit, toucan, tufted puffin, turkey, turtle, ultramarine kingsfisher, umbrellabird, upupa, urchin, veery, viper, vulture, wallcreeper, walrus, warthog, whale, wildbeest, wild dog, wild pig, wolf, wombat, xantus, xerus, xinjiang ground-jay, yabby, yak, yellowhammer, zebra, zebrafish, zigzag heron, sperm whale, zorilla, uakari, seagal, quokka, ibex, alpine caw, gopher, chameleon, emu, bumblebee, butterflies and dinosaurs.

Thanks and contact me if you need anything!

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