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Skincare Products Vector Set
Face Cleanser Bottles

Different shapes and sizes
Various labels (e.g., foaming cleanser, gel cleanser)
Moisturizer Jars and Tubes

Cream jars with screw lids
Lotion tubes with flip-top caps
Serum Dropper Bottles

Dropper bottles with clear and tinted glass
Labels indicating different serums (e.g., vitamin C, hyaluronic acid)
Sunscreen Bottles and Sprays

Tubes and pump bottles
Spray bottles with mist nozzles
Exfoliator Containers

Jars and tubes labeled for scrubs and exfoliating masks
Face Masks Packets

Single-use sheet mask packets
Tubes for clay and gel masks
Eye Cream Tubes

Small tubes with pointed tips for precise application
Toner and Essence Bottles

Slim, tall bottles with different labels (e.g., toner, essence)
Face Oil Bottles

Small glass bottles with droppers
Various labels (e.g., argan oil, rosehip oil)
Anti-Aging Products

Jars and bottles labeled for anti-aging creams and serums
Body Lotion and Cream

Larger bottles and tubs for body care
Lip Balm and Treatments

Small tubes and pots for lip care

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