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Date of Creation February 3 2023
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SALE! $19 today (reg. $59 on our official website) – our signature collection of Photoshop Actions!
These are the actions we run on EVERY photo, EVERY day! The ultimate set of Photoshop Actions to build a photo with a beautiful base. 25 precise one-click actions that cover everything you need, including our famous “Lemon Sucker” and “Highlight Recover” actions, “Spotlight Brighter” brush and the seemingly magical “Buff & Polish”.
Start with the Mid Recover action to create instant balance, then paint in color and focus with the Color and Smart Sharpener Brushes. Quickly warm up or cool down images, and add a gorgeous smooth gloss with the indispensable Buff & Polish action. Retouch skin flawlessly with the Skin Saver action, sure to become your new favorite.
What’s Included: 25 Photoshop .atn action files:
Lemon Sucker
• Blueberry Sucker
• Strawberry Sucker
• Fertilizer
• Blue Skies
• Highlight Recover
• Mid Recover
• Shadow Recover
• Fill Flash
• Aloe Vera
• Color Popper
• Spotlight Brighter
• Spotlight Darker
• Warm Up
• Cool Down
• Skin Saver
• Rich Curves
• Snaptastic
• Paper Cut
• Sharpen/Defog
• Smart Sharpener Brush
• Uplift Color Brush
• Uplift Contrast Brush
• Clarifier
• Buff & Polish

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