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Date of Creation February 6 2021
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Fishing T-shirt Designs

Fishing T-shirt Designs. This bundle contains 50 premium Fishing T-shirt designs Bundle in vector format that is perfect for t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, and flyers too. With completely editable and pixel-perfect vector files you can adapt these t-shirt designs to any size. If you are looking for some cool t-shirt designs for your new project, this t-shirt design bundle is for you!

File typeEPS, SVG, PNG, PSD
File size128 MB
CompabilityAdobe illustrator
Commercial Licenseincluded


  • 100% Vector;
  • Resizable;
  • Editable;
  • Ready to Print;
  • Can be applied in various media.

File Included :

  • EPS;
  • PSD;
  • SVG;
  • PNG.

Fishing T-shirt Designs Previews

Black and white T-shirts featuring fishermen.

Black and white T-shirts depicting fishermen who have caught a huge fish.

Black and white T-shirts depicting fishermen somewhere in the mountains.

Black and white T-shirts with a picture of a long-billed fish.

Black and white T-shirts with a picture of fishermen and a beautiful stylish font.

Black and white T-shirts with vibrant graphics and modern typography.

Black and white T-shirts with a picture of a fisherman trying to pull out a big fish.

Black and white T-shirts with big fish.

Black and white T-shirts with motivational phrases about fishing.

Black and white T-shirts with motivational phrases and bright graphics.

Black and white T-shirts with a group of fishermen in specials form.

Black and white T-shirts with motivational phrases about fishermen and a picture of fish.

White and black T-shirts with themed inscriptions and pictures.

White and black T-shirts with fishing phrases and pictures.

White and black T-shirts with graphics in nice colors.

White and black T-shirts with desperate fishermen.

White and black T-shirts with active fishermen in the forest.

White and black T-shirts with pictures of fishing accessories.

White and black T-shirts with bright and concise phrases about fishing.

T-shirts about the love of fishing.

T-shirts about the love of fishing with bright and beautiful graphics.

T-shirts about the love of fishing fishermen with stylish graphics.

T-shirts with a group of desperate fishermen.

Fishing T-shirts with pastel graphics.

Fishing T-shirts with a laconic phrase and a simple pattern.

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