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Date of Creation November 30 2018
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Xmas Meadow Collection Description

Do you want to find something special for your next holiday project? Take a look at the Xmas Meadow toolbox for designers. Two-layered fonts and festive symbols work perfectly well for various design projects. To make the creative process easier, you can use one of the available templates that represent Christmas from different perspectives.

The visuals include meadow views and classic Christmas symbols. They help develop authentic content that differs from the standard associations with the Christmas theme. Nevertheless, they manage to express the holiday atmosphere to the fullest.

If you decide to complete the purchase, you will have the following options at your disposal:
A Font Duo Package:

  • Durango Sans Monoline Font.
  • Ogra Claus Christmas Themed Layered Font.

A Variety of 50 Christmas and Meadow Ornaments:

  • 8 Christmas Trees.
  • 8 Christmas Balls.
  • 7 Christmas Igloos.
  • 5 Meadow Flowers.
  • 4 Snowflake Icons.
  • 6 Grass Shrubs.
  • 6 Meadow Hills.
  • 4 Wave Backgrounds.

A Variety of 50 Premade Poster/Instagram Templates:

  • 16 Poster Templates:
    • 8 Typographic Poster Templates.
    • 8 Graphic Poster Templates.
  • 8 Instagram Story Templates.
  • 14 Instagram Post Templates:
    • 4 Graphic Post Templates.
    • 6 Countdown Post Templates.
    • 4 Typographic Post Templates.
  • 12 Instagram Photo Overlay Post Templates:
    • 4 Corner Overlay Post Templates.
    • 4 Text Overlay Post Templates.
    • 4 Quote Overlay Post Templates.

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