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1900 Vector Icons Description

1900 Vector Icons

1900 ICON PACK NOW READY FOR YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS !! ===================================================


These vector icon are ready for your any kind of business work. You can easily modify it’s shape & color according to your needs. We guarantee these high quality icons set gives your project a fresh looks & a new life.

Icon Size Included – 24×24, 32×32, 48×48, 128×128 Icon types – AI, EPS, SVG, PNG


  1. APPLICATION ICONS ================================================================================= Agreement, Application, Arrow, Basket, Blog, Bookmark, Brackets, Check, Clipboard, Cloud, Data exchange, Conectivity, Customize, Document Add, Document Setting, Folder, Format Bullets, Garbage, Globe, Login, Media, Phone, Mug, Navigation, Search, Product Box, Text Edit, Vertical Align, View Details, Speaker Volums & Many More…
  2. BANKING ICONS ================================================================================= Account Payable, Accounts Books, Accounts Receivable, Agricultural Loan, ATM, Debit Card, Dollar, Donate, Employee, Euro, European Euro, Fund, Gold, Home Loan, Jewel Loan, Locker, Money, Money Bag, Money Deposit, Money Transfer, Payment, Pending Payments, Phone, Safety Box, Scanner, Settled Credit record, Stock Exchange, Telephone, Transaction Fee, United States Dollar
  3. DATA ICONS ================================================================================= Business Man, Calendar, Data Add, Data Certificate, Data Disk, Data Error, Data Replace, Data Setting, Fax Maching, Filter Add, Filter Acending, Filter Delete, Filter New, Message, Message Edit, Note Information, Short Ascending, Short Decending & Many More..
  4. EDUCATION ICONS ================================================================================= Bag, Boy, Calculation, Certificate, Calculator, Laptop, DNA, Girl, Graduate, Degree, Identity Card, Instrument, Puzzles, School, Stationery, Student, Video Conference, School Bus
  5. ELECTION ICONS ================================================================================= Banner, Billboard, Donkey, Eagle, Election Campaign, Election Result, Elephant, Mike, News, News Broadcast, Polling Box, Polling Finger, Speaker, Thumbs Down, Thumbs Up, United States Capitol, Vote, White House.
  6. EMOTIONS ICONS ================================================================================= Angel, Angry, Cheeky, Confused, Cool, Cry, Devil, Kiss, Laugh, Love, Sad, Sleepy, Smile, Speechless, Surprised, Wink, Worried
  7. FOOD ICONS ================================================================================= Bean, beverage, Cake, Candy Corn, Cheese, Egg, Chocolate, Coffee Bean, Cup Cake, Apple, Banana, Cheery, Grapes, Lemon, Orange, Strawberry, Ice Cream, Milk, Noodles, Pizza, Seafood Fish, burger, Doughnut, French Fries, Soup, Tea Bag, Strawberry, Cabbage, Capsicum, Carrot, Chilly, Onion, Pumpkin, Radish, Tomato, Water Drop
  8. GADGETS ================================================================================= Bread Toaster, Briefcase, Camera, CD, Fax, Handy cam, Headphone, IPad, IPod, Joystick, Keyboard, Kiosk, Laptop, Light Bulb, Speaker, Memory Card, Mixer Grinder, Mobile Phone, Monitor, Mouse, Lamp, Plug, printer, Refrigerator, Satellite, Table Fan, Tablet, Tools, Touch, Washing Machine, Webcam
  9. LANDMARK ICONS ================================================================================= Big Ben, Bulding Add, Bulding Close, Bulding Delete, Christ the Redeemer, Colosseum Of Rome, Eiffel tower, Great Wall, Kremlin Palace, London Bridge, Office, Parthenon, Pyramid, Statue of Liberty, Taj Mahal, University
  10. MEDICAL ICONS ================================================================================= Ambulance, Appointment, Band Aid, Blood, Dental, Doctor, Doctor Nurse, Doctor Surgeon, Dropper, Eye Hospital, First Aid Kit, Heart, Heart ECG, Hospital, Hospital Lab, Instrument Microscope, Thermometer, Insurance Bill, Medicine, Pill, Stethoscope, Syringe, Wheelchair.
  11. MISCELLANEOUS ================================================================================= Airplane, Clock, Armor, Axe, Baby, Bat, Battery, Bed, Book, Bottle, Clock, Color, Crane, Crown, Cycling, Danger, Death, Dice, Doctor, Factory, Fire, Fuel Station, Ghost, Gift, Gloves, Guitar, Hanger Hat, House, Injection, Leaf, Like, Magnet, Truck, Moon, Sim Card, Smoke, Sofa, Spade, Spanner, Spider Man, Sun, Swimming Pool, Thunder, Toolbox, Traffic, Train, Tree, Unisex, Umbrella, Weather Rain, Wrench, Yoga…& Many more…
  12. MOBILE APPLICATION ================================================================================= Alarm Clock, Battery Low, Bin, Bluetooth, Bookmark, Calendar, Camera, Cancel, Chat, Check Box, Cloud Overcast, Command, Cut, Copy, Disc, Document Download, Download, Finance, Flag, Flash Off, Flash Off, Game, Globe, GPS, Hard Drive, Headphone, Heart, Help, Home, Keyboard, Location Marker, Lock, Message, Movie, Notification, People, Picture, Power, Printer, Recycle Bin, Reload, Save, Signal Bars, SMS, Speaker Volume, Voice email, Volume, Warning, Weather, WiFi, Zoom In, Zoom Out..& Many more..
  13. NETWORK & SECURITY ================================================================================== Add Earth, Armor, Bomb, Brick, Business Card, Castle, Certificate, Cloud Add, Cloud Delete, Cloud Upload, Finger Print, Folder Sharing, Firewall, Download, Id New, Key, Lan, Mainl, Server, Web.. & Many more
  14. PEOPLE ================================================================================== Bartender Female, Bartender Male, Beautician, Boy, Chef, Compose, Customer, Dentist, Doctor, Employee, Engineer, Fireman, Girl, Hair Stylist, Military Medal, Nun, Nurse, Painter, Police Man, Principal, Surgeon, Teacher, User Group, Woman, Worker
  15. SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY ================================================================================= 3D Glasses, Battery, Bell, Binary Code, Biology, Blaster Explosion, CCTV Camera, Device Microphone, Walkie Talkie, Ecology, Bulb, Floppy, Fossil Fuel Power, Gas Power, Telescope, Magnet, Microphone, Nuclear, Printer, Radar, Telephone, Typewriter, USB, Walkman, Windmill..& Many more..
  16. SHAPES ================================================================================= Celtic Knot, Rectangle, Circle, Shape Heart, Shape Irregular, Shape Leaf, Shape Lightning, Shape Shade, Shape Square, Shape Star..& Many more..
  17. SHOPPING ================================================================================= Add To cart, Auction, Bar code, Bid, Bill, Buy, Cap, Credit Card, Free, Gift, Hat, Ladies Wear, Men Pant, Men Shirt, Paid Invoice, New, Product, Sale, Salesman, Sales Order, Saving, Scale, Sell, Shoe, Shop, Shop Closed, Shop Open, Shopping Basket, Shopping Cart, Socks, Tie, Transport Truck,..& Many more..
  18. SINGS ================================================================================= Astro Aquarius, Astro Aries, Astro Cancer, Astro Gemini, Tarus, Astro Vigro, Astro Capricorn, Astro Pisces, Astro Scorpio, Hand Sing, Hand Wash, No Horn, No Parking, No U Turn, Railway Crossing, Road Backward, Road forward, Road Left, Road Median, Road Right, Road Sharp Left , Speed Braker, Traffic Signal, Turn, Turn Right, Turn Left, U turn & Many More..
  19. SPORTS ================================================================================= Archery, Arm Wrestling, Athletics, Baseball, Basketball, Bike Racing, Bishop, Bowling, Boxing Gloves, Chess, Cycle Race, Dice, Diving , Dumb Bells, Exercise, Football, Golf, Heart, Hockey, Javelling, Medal, Olympic Flame, Playing Card, Race Flag, Rifle Shooting, Snooker, Table Tennis, Water Bottle ..& Many more..
  20. TRANSPORTATION ================================================================================= Boat, Car, Crane, Driving, Fuel, Garage, Helicopter, Hook, Light, Meter, Oil, Parachute, Scooter, Ship, Steering, Tank, Tire, Van, Wheel ..& Many More
  21. USER INTERFACE ================================================================================= Alpha Blending, Auto Size Column, Bar Chart, Button, Calendar, Carousel, Chart, CheckBox, Clolr Picker, Columns, Data Analysis, Data Edit, Digital Gauge, Drag, Editor, Export, Filtering, Graph, Graph Diagram, Progress Indicator, Read Only, Real Time, Reload, Report Delet, Report Editor, Stacked Headers, Tag Cloud, Toolbar, Verify, Waiting Popup & Many More..
  22. WILDLIFE ================================================================================= Ant, Bat, Bear, Bee, Bird, Bone, Bug, Butterfly, Camel, Cat, Cow, Crab, Crocodile, Deer, Dog, Dolphin, Dove, Duck, Eagle, Elephant, Feather, Fish, Fly, Footprint, Frog, Giraffe, Goat, Hen, Horse, Jelly Fish, Kangaroo, Kiwi, Lion, Monkey, Octopus, Owl, Peacock, Penguin, Pig, Rabbit, Rat, Scorpion, Snake, Squirrel, tiger, Turtle ..& Many more..

File Formats Included:

  1. AI.
  2. EPS.
  3. SVG.
  4. PNG.

You need Adobe illustrator or CorelDRAW to modify those icons (Files compatible with versions 8, 9, 10, CS, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, CC).

Icons size Available =============== 24×24 pixels 32×32 pixels 48×48 pixels 128×128 pixels

(You can easily scale these icons to any size you like and fill any color of your choice)

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