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collection of over 150 logo mascots specifically designed for gamers. These mascots are characterized by their powerful and dynamic designs, each embodying strength and intensity. The collection includes a wide variety of fierce and bold characters such as dragons, lions, and vikings, each rendered with sharp details and vibrant colors.


Multiple dragon mascots are depicted, showcasing their fearsome presence with fiery breath, sharp claws, and intense expressions. The dragons are illustrated in various colors, predominantly in shades of red and black, symbolizing power and dominance.

Lion mascots are portrayed with majestic manes and roaring faces, emphasizing their status as kings of the jungle. The lions are often shown in dynamic poses, ready to pounce, symbolizing bravery and leadership.

Viking mascots include both traditional and angry variations, characterized by their iconic helmets with horns, braided beards, and fierce expressions. These designs convey a sense of warrior spirit and resilience.

Elephant mascots are depicted with their trunks raised and tusks prominently displayed, symbolizing strength and wisdom. The elephants are rendered in powerful stances, adding to their imposing presence.

Bull mascots feature muscular physiques and aggressive postures, ready to charge. These designs emphasize power and determination, often depicted in vibrant red to signify energy and ferocity.

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