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File type AI, EPS, JPEG, PNG, SVG
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Date of Creation April 14 2021
Color white
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Bold Geometric Seamless Patterns Description

Bold Geometric Seamless Patterns . Simple geometric patterns remain some of the most useful assets for designers. They have the ability to literally transform your projects in seconds, adding details and visual interest to virtually any design.

Creating seamless patterns from scratch can be a total time drain when you have deadlines to meet. This pack gives you back your time letting you focus on what’s important – designing!

This versatile collection combines modernity and elegance, boldness and detail, to produce a vibrant selection of 70 geometric seamless patterns ready to be used for any of your creative projects.

File formats included in this collection:

  • JPG files (5000×5000px) – 70 high-resolution seamless patterns compatible with any software you have at hand.
  • PNG files (5000×5000px) – 70 seamless patterns in two colorways on transparent background.
  • PSD files – 70 seamless patterns compatible with Adobe Photoshop. Well-organized files with editable scale-independent vector Shape Layers ready to be dropped into your design.
  • AI files – 70 seamless patterns compatible with Adobe Illustrator. Patterns are also available through the Swatches menu, so they can be installed and applied to your designs in just a few clicks!
  • EPS10 files including 70 seamless patterns. The top listed vector applications available for editing EPS files are Affinity Designer, CorelDraw, Vectornator, and more.
  • SVG files – 70 seamless patterns compatible with popular vector graphics software such as Canva, Inkscape, Sketch, Figma, and others. SVG files can also be used in 3D software such as Blender.
  • PAT file – compatible with Adobe Photoshop and some raster graphics software like Photoshop Elements and Artstudio Pro. Install the library of 70 seamless patterns in a single click.

Bold Geometric Seamless Patterns Previews

One more thing! This product comes with detailed instruction files:

• PDF user manuals give a host of professional tips and installation guides for both Photoshop and Illustrator users.
• Not only this, but I’ve also included a handy PDF reference sheet, so you can navigate around all your new patterns with ease.

Keep your design toolbox up to date with this collection of 70 Bold geometric seamless patterns. Whether you’re using patterns as a main focal point or adding subtle details to give your project a trendy look, this pack really is the ultimate solution!

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