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Vector Money

Product Specs

File type AI, EPS, PDF
File size 6.02 MB
Date of Creation May 1 2022
Author risovanya
Category GraphicsIllustrationsBusiness
Price $8
5 (10 votes)

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Vector Money Description

Set of 55 vector illustrations of various financial items. Includes 55 line, color and silhouette illustration of various financial items.

  • 1 zip file includes files: 6 – Ai 6 files 6 – Eps10 files 6 – PDF files.

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Vector Money Previews

Your personalization will be unique.
Personalize your personal space and things.
Preview of subjects by subject.
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Prints on financial topics.
Unique prints that have no analogues.
Interesting pictures of wallets on the subject.
Cool silhouettes of ladies' clothes.

Show with items from the pack.
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