Restrictions for Russian and Belarusian Vendors

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Unfortunately, we are continuing to witness violent attacks on Ukraine. Therefore, we believe it is important to apprise that MasterBundles does not support aggressor countries responsible for the unlawful war in Ukraine. Starting from 24 February 2022, MasterBundles marketplace is acting in accordance with world sanction policy against Russian aggression.

We want to inform you about changes applied to all vendors from Russia and Belarus. Due to expanding business restrictions, including payment processors, Russian and Belarusian vendors will no longer be able to receive their earnings and use the MasterBundles service. If you are a citizen of the mentioned countries, please check the detailed information about the following restrictions below.

Earnings Withdrawal

We are suspending all withdrawals for Russian and Belarusian vendors, and state that it is impossible to process any payouts to the mentioned regions in any way. Account balances of existing vendors from Russia and Belarus are frozen, but not deducted.

Any future changes will be announced on our blog, community group or directly via e-mail.

Vendors Registration and Verification

Starting from March 2022, new MasterBundles vendors are required to verify their phone numbers to verify their location. According to this policy, Russian and Belarusian vendors are unable to complete the registration process due to the aforementioned restrictions. Any new vendor that attempts to avoid verification and registration restrictions will be manually blocked once detected.

Existing Vendors Pages

All established vendor pages and uploaded products by citizens of Russia and Belarus (prior to the required phone number verification) can be deactivated at the vendor’s request. The products will be made unavailable for purchasing and will not be promoted by MasterBundles.

Russian and Belarusian vendors are prohibited from uploading new products to MasterBundles. Any products submitted by citizens of Russia or Belarus will be declined during the moderation stage.

For requests or inquiries, please contact

MasterBundles stands with Ukraine!