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Created by Pretty Little Lines
File type JPG, PDF, PNG, PSD
File size 2.47 GB
Date of Creation May 1 2022
Color black blue pink white yellow
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Fancy Fashion Portrait Creator Description

Hello Lovely! Have you ever wanted to create your very own gorgeous girly character designs that will just take your customers breath away? Or maybe you’ve been dying to design something really special and sparkly for the ladies in your life. You’ll be amazed at how easily you can customize your own character and design stunning gowns, high heels and purses just by turning on and off layers in Photoshop.

Hello Lovely Fashion Portrait Creator is a package full of all the goodies you’ll need to make customized ultra feminine characters and accessories that are perfect for creative branding, fun and fancy personalized gift, wrapping paper, party supplies, bridesmaid’s invites and so much more.

It’s super easy to use, you’ll easily master designing stylish stationery or custom fabrics without having to draw a line. Add some glam to your website or blog, or create a custom bag collection, the options are endless!

With 3 girls and hundred’s of variations in skin tone, eye colour, hairstyle and hair colour, you can make so many different ladies. Mix and match the top and bottom of a dress, with or without 3 sparkle options to create a ton of different styles all your own, there’s so many options!!

Please note : You must use a software program that supports PSD’s and has a layers panel, like Photoshop, or GIMP (free software).

Included in this pack :

Girls PSD’s :

  • 3 Body positions
  • 7 Skin tones
  • 7 Eye colours
  • 15 Hairstyles
  • 5 Hair colours
  • 14 Skirts (lower dress portion), in 4 colours and 3 sparkle options
  • 7 Tops (upper dress portion), in 4 colours and 3 sparkle options
  • 1 Mini dress
  • 4+ Various of high heels
  • 5+ Jewelry
  • 3 Purse Designs in 3 colour and sparkle options

Heels PSD :

  • 6 High Heel Styles
  • 4 colour options
  • 3 sparkle options

Purses PSD :

  • 3 Purse Styles
  • 3+ colour options
  • 3 sparkle options

Extras :

  • 68+ seamless patterns (JPG’s)
  • 12 Premade backgrounds (JPG’s & PNG’s)
  • 8 Individual florals (PNG’s)
  • 21 Decorative frames (PNG’s)
  • User guide (PDF)
  • Video tutorial – How to use Hello Love Fashion Creator

Fancy Fashion Portrait Creator Previews

Beauties in high heels and paint the coat.
Gorgeous ladies with different skin tone.
Women's heels for stylization and beauty.
Red paintings under the stylization of the theme of the presentation.
Beautiful title of your presentation slides.

Girl in a beautiful whip and a gorgeous hairstyle.
Beautiful ladies with different hairstyles and hair colors.
Ladies with different hairstyles and hair colors.
Cool dresses on gorgeous women.
Ladies in chic dresses of different colors for every taste.
Stylization of your personal space.
Shoes and other personal items of your personal style.
Personal room and space design.
Where small pictures with things are personalized.
Flowers and other images for you and your personal space.
Personalize the image for your environment on all objects.
Frame and bezel for your photos and paintings.
Blind in the bathroom with your personalized image.
Frames and patterns for pictures, photos and any personalization of your environment.
Prints on various items to emphasize your personality.
Personalize your personal space.
Preview of a logo with two gorgeous ladies and their embellishments.

Beauties in high heels and paint the coat.