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Created by Natalia Pokataeva
Date of Creation September 18 2018
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Watercolor Vector Styles Illustrator

Design created in the watercolor style is always perceived as done by hand, with love. Applying the watercolor effect you will make your product light and with gentle shade. Today in our digital world feel as a painter, remember a childhood when you drew your first works.

Create your own product in a casual and natural style: postcards, invitations to the wedding, posters, logos, patterns on T-shirts. With this style, it is easy to create nice looking clip-arts. Simply and quickly without problems, you can create realistic vector files. Using this style, you can get uneven outlines with a natural darkening to the edge.

You will like the realistic texture and the transfusion of colors and shades. Carefully review the demo video of the whole process of using, structure and content of my product.

SEE 1-minute demo video:

Very easy to use – simply select one of the 18 styles of watercolor and run action.


18 multi-colored realistic styles (RGB/CMYK and CS3/CS4/CS5/CS6/CC)
44 vector drops and stains
Vectorize actions
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Watercolor Vector Styles Illustrator

Watercolor Vector Styles Illustrator

Watercolor Vector Styles Illustrator

Watercolor Vector Styles Illustrator

Watercolor Vector Styles Illustrator

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Watercolor package. Watercolor Vector Styles Illustrator

The watercolor bundle is known to be the lovliest trend in artistic desgin. Handcrafted by designers on the a piece of paper, the pictures get digitized and added in a package deal as templates for design projects. Watercolor components are just perfect for wedding invitations, blogs and greeting cards.

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