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Date of Creation September 9 2019
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Josephine Branding Collage Set Description

Josephine Collage Set – Create magical branding with this set of colorful abstract shapes and elements that contain pre-made objects, such as: illustrations, seamless patterns, artboards, isolated creative abstract shapes and backgrounds for instagram.

Use these elements to create your own unique branding design. You just need to select an element, combine other provided items and сhoose a pattern or background. And branding will be ready! In this pack, you can find a variety of color artboards and patterns. They are available to mix and match for design projects with endless composition combinations of all pieces.

Be sure to click on the image to see all elements. These elements are ideal for the creation of printed products: notebooks, invitations, wallpaper, wrapping paper and textiles. Add this beautiful vector graphics and patterns to create your own brand.

What’s included with purchase:

  • 34 Illustrations (ai, PNG: 5000×5000 px, 300 dpi).
  • 40 Abstract shapes (ai, PNG: 5000×5000 px, 300 dpi).
  • 12 Gold/Blue Silhouette Foliage (PNG: 5000×5000 px, 300 dpi).
  • 6 Posts for instagram (ai, JPG:1080×1080 for Posts, 300 dpi).
  • 5 Photoshop seamless patterns (.pat, ai) – 1500x1500px base size, you can create very high-resolution patterns).
  • 5 Backgrounds from seamless patterns (saved as JPG, 300 dpi with 6000×4000 px size).

Create your own unique collage!

Josephine Branding Collage Set Previews

Beautiful and stylish fashion illustrations.

Decorate your space with these amazing posters.

Minimalistic and laconic posters wit a girl.

A small posters with a different girls.

Abstract shapes for illustrations.

Blue house like from a series Desperate Housewives.

Cute corgi on the poster.

Use this template for different and creative targets.

A lot of elements of this collection.


Vector – Adobe Illustrator CS6 or newer. Also, PNG files may be used in other vector programs.

Raster – Adobe Photoshop. Also, raster files in PNG and JPG format may be used in other photo editing programs.

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