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Date of Creation March 4 2021
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 Christmas and New Year are very important events in a child's life.Parents generate faith in magic from birth, telling about some kind person who gives
presents to good children by putting them under the Christmas tree.For these holidays, a large number of dishes are prepared, cutlery of incredible beauty is laid out, and children are cooking hot chocolate with marshmallows.The whole house smells of a Christmas tree and tangerines, the whole house shines with the happiness of children and garlands hung around it.
This product emits this atmosphere, completely immersing you in childhood, in the New Year's time.

Bundle Contains:

  • 50 Christmas Food ~400-1500px, png, 300dpi
  • 46 Christmas Sweets ~400-1400px, png, 300dpi
  • 30 Christmas Drinks ~300-1400px, png, 300dpi
  • 10 Christmas Recipes ~1300-1800px, png+psd templates, 300dpi
  • 106 Ingredients ~150-1100px, png, 300dpi
  • 55 Kitchenware Elements ~300-2300px, png, 300dpi
  • 65 Christmas Decor ~200-1500px, png, 300dpi
  • 25 Christmas Compositions ~550-3600px, png, 300dpi
  • 22 Christmas Trees ~700-1800px, png, 300dpi
  • 43 Floral DIY Elements ~400-1600px, png, 300dpi
  • 6 Floral Garlands ~800-2500px, png, 300dpi
  • 20 Floral Bouquets 2500x2500px, png, 300dpi
  • 10 Floral Wreaths 2480x2452px, png, 300dpi
  • 37 Letters & Numbers 2500x2500px, png, 300dpi
  • 6 Golden Frames 3000x3000px, png, 300dpi
  • 8 Snow Overlay Effect 2480x3508px, png, 300dpi

HOMEMADE CHRISTMAS And Five Images From Huge Winter Collection.

HOMEMADE CHRISTMAS - Huge Winter Collection.

HOMEMADE CHRISTMAS, 10 Winter Wreaths.

Ten Warmly Winter Recipes: Homemade Strawberry Cake, Cranberry Holiday Punch...

HOMEMADE CHRISTMAS, 10 Winter Wreaths.

Five Pictures Of Huge Winter Collection.

Learn More About HOMEMADE CHRISTMAS Aesthetics

You’ve scrolled all the way down here so I imagine you’ve looked at all of the pictures and mockups to give you an idea of what’s included in the ‘HOMEMADE CHRISTMAS Aesthetics’ bundle. Otherwise, quickly scroll up to discover those graphics – I assure you, it’s worth the effort.

You know what the best part about this bundle is? It’s cheaper with us than anywhere else on the web. For just $25 you’ll be able to download the zip file with the graphics as listed above, and also an instruction manual and also a promo code for any subsequent buys. So, how big could be the price reduction? The normal price tag for the bundle is $5. Then, the price reduction is an unbelievable 71%. Incredible! You most probably won’t find a better price, our bundle compiling crew guarantees that!

The zip file is pretty compact – approximately 1.14 GB – so you’ll get the product on your computer almost instantly. Oh yeah, by the way, if the price tag of $25 for personal use or $100 for commercial use still appears just a little bit more than you were prepared to pay – take a look at the section under the Buy Now button. Promote the page on the social networking sites and here’s your additional 5% off!

This ‘HOMEMADE CHRISTMAS Aesthetics’ bundle bundle is an artwork by MuseArt. Head out and check out MuseArt’s Masterbundles page. Who knows, he might so happen to have some other impressive graphic products and you might be all the more surprised with the most affordable prices.

When I was writing this text, there was 4d:7h:29m:31s remaining before the bundle expiration. The product owner might reactivate it later but if I were you, I won’t be testing my luck and hurry up to make a purchase right away!

This ‘HOMEMADE CHRISTMAS Aesthetics’ bundle is a part of the Thanksgiving category. In case you’ve decided to go on a shopping spree – check other suitable bundles in the category – it’s never the best time than right now.

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Five Pictures Of Huge Winter Collection.
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