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Created by Morphart
File type EPS, JPG, PNG
Date of Creation October 7 2022
Color orange pink purple red
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50 Monkey Expression Emoticon Collection Illustration Description

50 Monkey expression emoticon Character collection illustration! High quality vector files.

Bundle contains:

  • 50 individual vector files (EPS v10).
  • 50 JPG of individual files.
  • 50 PNG of individual files.

Very detailed high quality Monkey expression emoticon collection illustration.

  • Monkey with rose.
  • Monkey with microphone.
  • Monkey with headphones.
  • Monkey crying.
  • Happy monkey.
  • Sad monkey.
  • Angry monkey.
  • Monkey crying.
  • Monkey puking.
  • Monkey with sunglasses.
  • Irritated monkey.
  • Monkey with cucumber on eyes.
  • Monkey feeling dizzy.
  • Monkey feeling nervous.
  • And much much more.

A ALL-IN-ONE Monkey expression emoticon collection illustration package with everything you need!

Vector is unlimited size. JPG and PNG at maximum of 9000 x 9000 and minimum of 6000 x 6000.

Monkey expression emoticon collection illustrations of pinterest.