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Date of Creation July 5 2019
Author miminoshka
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Handwritten Typeface Bakery

Introduce my font Bakery is a unique blend of classic and modern handwritten font. I used pen for calligraphy and black ink. Bakery perfect for wedding, event, invitation, escort card, table number, header menus, display, logos, slider blog, custom address, stamps, packaging, greeting card, etc.

This font includes Latin, Russian and Ukrainian Cyrillic.

WHATS INCLUDED? 7 Font Files. Bakery (ttf, afm, pfm, ~t1, eot, woff, woff2).

Features: Basic Latin A-Z and a-z Basic Russian А-Я and а-я Basic Ukrainian А-Я and а-я Numeral & Punctuation Script 248 Glyphs

Have fun and Enjoy! Thank you for following 🙂 Please contact me if you have some questions (miminoshka@gmail.com)


Handwritten Typeface Bakery
Handwritten Typeface Bakery

Handwritten Typeface Bakery

Handwritten Typeface Bakery

Handwritten Typeface Bakery

Handwritten Typeface Bakery

Handwritten Typeface Bakery

Handwritten Typeface Bakery

Handwritten Typeface Bakery

Handwritten Typeface Bakery

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Handwritten Typeface Bakery - $14
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