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Creating a list of the “top 15 most beautiful graphics animated logos in the world” requires a subjective assessment and may vary depending on individual preferences and design trends. As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, I can provide descriptions of some well-known and visually appealing animated logos up to that point. However, please note that newer designs may have emerged since then. Here are some notable examples:

Apple: Apple’s iconic logo is often animated during product launches, with sleek and smooth transitions that reflect the brand’s minimalist design philosophy.

Google: Google’s playful and colorful logo animations often incorporate creative elements, making them engaging and memorable.

Netflix: The Netflix logo is known for its simple, yet effective animation that plays before shows and movies, signaling the start of an immersive viewing experience.

Disney: Disney’s castle logo animation is a magical and nostalgic introduction to their films and entertainment.

Paramount Pictures: The Paramount mountain logo has been creatively animated in various ways, adding a sense of grandeur to their productions.

DreamWorks Animation: DreamWorks’ boy fishing from the moon logo animation is both charming and whimsical.

HBO: HBO’s logo sequences are often immersive and dynamic, setting the mood for their original content.

Pixar Animation Studios: Pixar’s logo animation features a playful desk lamp, “Luxo Jr.,” which is a symbol of creativity and innovation in animation.

20th Century Fox: The 20th Century Fox logo’s grand and cinematic animation has been a staple in the film industry.

Warner Bros. Pictures: Warner Bros.’ iconic shield logo is often animated with a sense of anticipation, building excitement for their movies.

Universal Pictures: Universal’s spinning globe logo animation is recognized worldwide and signifies the global reach of their films.

MGM (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer): MGM’s roaring lion logo animation is both powerful and timeless.

Intel: Intel’s logo animation reflects their commitment to technology and innovation, with sleek and futuristic graphics.

Dreamcast: The Dreamcast logo animation, although from the gaming world, is often cited as a beautifully designed and memorable sequence.

THX: THX’s deep note logo animation is an iconic sound and visual experience associated with high-quality audio and video.

These logos have left a mark in the world of animation and branding, often due to their ability to capture the essence of the brand and engage audiences. However, the “most beautiful” logos can vary greatly based on personal preferences and cultural context. For the most up-to-date examples, it’s best to refer to recent design awards and industry publications.

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