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Women’s T-shirt Mockup

Women’s T-shirt Mockup – 8 Angles, 2 Styles, Layered, Detailed and Editable Vector in EPS, SVG, AI, PNG, DXF and PDF

Use these detailed and editable vector mockups and templates to help you create your next stunning mockup of the classic women’s t-shirt and v-neck shirts.
Included in this template are mockups of both a women’s t-shirt and v-neck shirt top.

Our mockups and templates handle the technical drawing aspects of the garment which allows you to quickly and easily focus on being creative.


• 4 Different Angles – Front, Left, Right and Back
• 2 Different Styles – T-Shirt and V-Neck Shirts
• All files are detailed and editable
• Digital Download (Zipped folder with EPS, SVG, AI, PNG. DXF & PDF vector files)
• Vector files can be scaled up to any size without any loss of resolution
• All files are layered for ease of use in Adobe Illustrator
• All files are Royalty Free Vectors

Please note, this is NOT a sewing pattern. This is a digital vector mock up file for designing mockups or for graphic use.

Women’s T-shirt Mockup Previews

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Women's T-shirt Mockup : Women's T-Shirt and V-Neck Shirts. Collage Image.