200 Girly Gold Pink Textures – $15

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File type JPEG
Date of Creation April 18 2019
Author lolaraw
Category GraphicsTexturesMetallic
Color multicolor
Price $15
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200 Girly Gold Pink Textures

Extended license price same as Standard license

What’s Included

200 Girly Texture organized into different categories!
– lavender
– hot pink
– barbie pink
– iris
– electric purple
– peachy dreams
– strawberry girl
– orchid
– violet
– tender pink .
High Resolution JPEG , 300 DPI


– sizes varies ; 3000*3000 up to 6000*6000

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  • Use these textures for your business, online store, branding, products, web design, eBooks, logos, graphics, invitations, packaging design … unleash your creativity

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Exactly what is a design texture?

A piece of art, no matter if it is a statue, web design or drawing object will have two to three aspects. In addition to colors, shapes, and size it also has specific characteristics of the surface area that is perceived visually. When analyzing the drawing we can say that it is tough, glossy or hard. You’ve now learned what a texture is.

The meaning of a pattern

The pattern can be described as visible arrangement you can observe everywhere and each and every day. In fact your household is full of patterns, for instance, on the wallpaper that decorate the walls of the bedroom. The design pattern is a piece of the picture that is repeated on to generate a larger, symmetrical and geometrical image. The patterns could be artificial (such as Thai pagodas or ceramic tiles) and natural (like cracks in the arid ground and sand hills).

Both patterns and textures are commonly used in designs. Web designers like to use them due to the fact patterns and textures certainly are a great background for a website – they don’t sidetrack the customer but highlight the actual substance of your page. It is pricey to buy them separately, which means that usually patterns and textures are offered in bundles.

What’s a Product Bundle?

The product bundle is really a kind of collection or set of design items. They’re compiled to a “package” and are marketed collectively, as one product. Often, there’s some concept or main objective that integrates the design items within a product bundle, but that’s not mandatory. The period, whilst the product bundle is offered, may be very limited (up to five days) and that’s why the price of it is below what those items would cost you when sold on an individual basis. Bundles are quite rewarding and allow designers to save quite a lot of dollars.

So why the patterns & textures quality is important?

Outstanding textures and patterns will bring dynamics and personality to your business oriented projects. Take a look at successful site designs or branding cases, you will notice that they take advantage of the power of UI elements. To bring an eco-friendly and high quality feel for the product, graphic designers will work with natural looking or paper texture for the wrapping. A website with a modern technology-influenced pattern background will appear up-to-date and top-notch. If you want your commercial designs to create a certain impression, graphic textures and patterns are your must-have equipment. Select them mindfully and don’t sacrifice higher quality for the price tag

What you can do in case the design element you require isn’t in the package?

Not every bundle contains items you want and that is quite normal. Bundles are packaged for different purposes and for a different style. Even so, MasterBundles.com site offers lots of offers for every objective, so if a certain bundle doesn’t contain all the items you want – you can check the other bundles. There are so many of them, that it’s almost sure you’ll find something suitable.

What other bundles does MasterBundles.com market?

MasterBundles website provides a huge collection of patterns & textures packages, both natural and artificial. Their price tag varies from $4 to $19 and those are high-quality, items created by professionals. Then again, textures and patterns aren’t the only products MasterBundles.com could supply you with. You can find mockups, logos and illustrations, and tons of other things. You can in fact acquire web templates on MasterBundles.com for a cheaper price!

What’s MasterBundles?

MasterBundles.com website is a huge market place, marketing bundles of various web solutions. Anything you can require to create a design job or a web site is stored here and you can get it for a cheaper price. MasterBundles also has a blog, where you can always get relevant info and most recent news. The life span of a bundle is fairly short, so as to stay in touch and not miss the package deal you want – sign up for a newsletter and receive notifications regarding all the updates.

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