Abstract Zodiac Signs Set

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Abstract Zodiac Signs Set Description

Abstract Zodiac Signs Set. Abstract 12 Zodiac Signs Set in contemporary abstract style, hand drawn zodiac constellations symbols on colorful pastel geometric shapes backgrounds and handwritten lettering with zodiac names.


  • 12 PNG with transparent backgrounds (500 ppi, see sizes on preview).
  • 12 JPEG with white backgrounds (500 ppi, see sizes on preview).
  • 12 SVG files.
  • 1 EPS10 fully editable vector file.


  • Adobe Photoshop.
  • Adobe Illustrator.
  • Other.

Abstract Zodiac Signs Set Previews

12 Abstrac Zodiac Signs Set Vector Illustration.

12 Examples Abstrac Zodiac Signs Vector Illustrations.

12 Abstrac Zodiac Signs Vector Illustrations JPG and PNG Examples.

Undershirt Made On The Abstrac Zodiac Signs Vector Illustration.

Phone Case Made On The Abstrac Zodiac Signs Vector Illustration.

T-shirt Made On The Abstrac Zodiac Signs Vector Illustration.

Cards Made On The Abstrac Zodiac Signs Vector Illustration.

Files Dimensions for PNG Abstrac Zodiac Signs Vector Illustrations.

Mug Made On The Abstrac Zodiac Signs Vector Illustration.

Bag for Shop Made On The Abstrac Zodiac Signs Vector Illustration.

Art Poster Made On The Abstrac Zodiac Signs Vector Illustration.

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90 Abstract Zodiac Signs Set
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