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Stock Photos from DreamyPixel. Ultimate Photo Bundle Description

If you’re looking for a ton of unique photos, backgrounds and textures for your new print or web project, this Deal is just for you!
The Ultimate Photo Bundle by DreamyPixel contains more than 700+ professional photos & textures in high resolution (from 4928 x 3264 pixels to 7360 x 4912 pixels).

Ultimate Photo Bundle from DreamyPixel

With this deal you get

Images are separated into several categories for your convenience (Autumn, Dolomites, Everyday, Holiday, Landscapes, Macro nature, Mountains, Nightscapes, People in landscapes, Seascapes, Spring, Winter and Wooden Textures)
Unique additions for your photos and backgrounds design arsenal!
Extended license!

The Definition of Stock Photographs. Why Are They Used?

Stock photos are actually pre-made images collected at special internet platforms which patrons may work with for a personal or commercial venture. Rather than using the services of a expert photographer, one can go to picture stocks and search for an proper image for the project.

For those who still doubt concerning stock photographs, the below reasons will show you exactly why it is good to use them. Firstly, being already photographed, edited and set for download stock photography help you save the time and effort. All you need to do is pay for an image, download it and use it in your current project.

Where Are 700+ Stock Photos from DreamyPixel.? How Much Money Do Stock Photos Cost?

The application range of stock visuals is quite broad, yet it is usually narrowed to two specific categories: commercial and editorial. In terms of advertising and marketing, SMM, branding, and creative projects, stock pictures may become useful. The visuals can be used for a company pitch deck, ads, banner ads, and posters .Besides, if you own a t-shirt store, feel free to use stock photographs for a print design.

Considering editorial use, the stock photographs could be used to illustrate or provide background to article. One could use the photos for magazine or newspaper, journalist reports and so on. In addition, the stock photographs are good for content illustration at blog entries, guides, and magazine reports.

Ultimate Photo Bundle from DreamyPixel

The price tag for a stock photo directly depends on the stock agency and license you decide on. You will discover photo stock banks which fix a higher price tag, while the others are targeted at businesses with a limited funding. Besides, most photo banks furnish various membership plans that’ll be reasonably priced for everyone. However, when you purchase the most extended subscription you might get the images for less like demonstrated in the prices comparison below.

More Details On 700+ Stock Photos from DreamyPixel

A bundle is a collection of the best digital products compiled in a pack and available at a discount. Product combining is a marketing ploy. The vendors package up a number of products and deliver them as a package proposal to establish an alternative price bracket.

Ultimate Photo Bundle from DreamyPixel

You and your business also have great results in this situation. By trading more items you get a bigger average size without the need of increasing operational costs. Besides, by wrapping items into deals and selling them at a discounted price you differentiate from rival merchants. At last, purchasing product deals the prospects find out about unknown products and solutions and cause the increase in revenue.


You might ask yourself how come the bundle pricing is so cheap. Similar to any other deal, this particular one comes with short time when the low price is actual. Once the deal has ended, you’ll pay 100 % price for a bundle. That’s the reason we strongly recommend not neglecting the opportunity to purchase the pack of products at the cheapest price tag ever.

Why You Don’t Have To Skimp On High Quality 700+ Stock Photos from DreamyPixel?

You might be convinced that there are numerous other important considerations other than photographs that need investment, your rivals have already opted for using high quality images for his or her websites and now make the most of their decision. Actually, high res photography are assets that may help you to succeed. That’s the reason why professional photography should be listed on the top in terms of corporate expenses.

You may hire a pro digital photographer who will shoot pictures of your firm, goods or service you offer. Or else you may go to photo agencies and go for stock pictures most appropriate for your project. It doesn’t really matter what solution you’ll prefer. Both of these are definitely worth the investment and will bring your business up to a new range.


Let’s say you promote products via website, the photographs can demonstrate your prospects what you sell. Since people would rather see the items before proceeding to checkout, the photographs are more valuable than words. Considering that the pictures are typically the first thing the website visitors take note of, these pictures should really produce a beneficial first impression. This is why you as a webmaster shouldn’t take pictures all on your own if you’d like your site content to professionally speak for your business.


Expertly done photography may help you keep visible in search results. They can also allow you to keep your customers interested and cause them to stay at your website for a longer time. Being a part of website content the pictures can be used in social networks and for marketing campaign materials introducing your company. We sincerely hope that you grasp the significance of using high-quality photographs on your online business site.

Photo Bundles For Any Purpose

Here at MasterBundles, we’ve collected a large selection of stock photography from various vendors. They’re grouped into packages according to categories and topics and are meant to cover any purpose. However, if you’ve not found the appropriate photography available as one bundle, be sure to check them out in other bundles. At the website, we’ve got three pages of stock photo bundles corresponding to various topics.