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Date of Creation February 19 2020
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Everlasting fun
For children, soap bubbles are a funny game; for your pictures, they mean colorful mood and atmosphere. We make an unprecedented offer of a huge pack that includes 44 bubble textures, 6 color patterns and 4 bubble brushes for easy invigorating of your photos and compositions! Lay the colorful balls over your works and furnish them with a dazzling play of colors. The soap bubbles are available in different sizes and suitable, for example, for adding summer colors, childish fun and frolic or an unforgettable entertainment.
Hold your breath, purchase this brilliant pack and conjure up the spherical glow of the rainbow colors in your pictures! It’s so easy to use the soap bubble photos as overlays by means of various popular graphics software. Just drag a soap bubble texture onto your picture. Then push the bubbles to the right place and change their size and coloring, if necessary.
Acquire gorgeous reasonably-priced shots and use them as an effect, overlay, picture element or background. Look at the examples of dazzling play of colors for your image editing and get a colorful pack right away!

▶ VIDEO Tutorial ▶:
How to Apply Bubbles Overlays in Photoshop:
How to use bubble brushes and apply patterns:

• 44 Bubbles overlays, PNG format, transparent background, 300DPI – Please see bubbles overlays GUIDE. (Single bubbles are 500x500px, mixed bubbles overlays are 5700x3800px)
• 4 single bubble brushes for Adobe photoshop, *ABR format
• 6 color patterns , *PAT format

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