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Date of Creation May 27 2019
Color multicolor
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Magical Summer Backdrops Light Bokeh Textures

Decorate your image with enchanting light backdrops that create gorgeous effects – from smooth interchange between orange and violet to glimmering light reflection. More radiance, more dynamics, more romance or more tension – whatever emotions you want to elicit, these summer bokeh textures will make it possible for you!

40 magical light bokeh textures in JPEG format are designed to overlay your designs and bring sun and perfect mood to the pictures. They are easy to use with most image-editing programs having layer function. Just lay the desired texture over your scene, make necessary adjustments and cast a spell over the viewer.

Colorful blurred spots timidly roam through the picture or glare with flashes of light, then again crowd into the view from different sides. Just select the effect that suits your image most and drag that file onto your scene. Enchant your audience with magical effects! Use the summer backdrop overlays and transform the shots into fantastic creations.


• 40 photo overlays high resolution (5760x3840px – 300dpi – JPEG)

• Compatible with any software that allows you to work with layers ( Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Paint Shop Pro, etc.)

• Note to the Lightroom users – please, make sure you have a plugin that allows you to work with layers

 Magical Summer Backdrops Light Bokeh Textures

 Magical Summer Backdrops Light Bokeh Textures

 Magical Summer Backdrops Light Bokeh Textures

 Magical Summer Backdrops Light Bokeh Textures

 Magical Summer Backdrops Light Bokeh Textures

 Magical Summer Backdrops Light Bokeh Textures

Textures and patterns. Magical Summer Backdrops Light Bokeh Textures

Essentially, textures are graphic effects that make the illusion of a some material or finish. For instance, there are lots of craft paper and wood plank textures in a number of designs. Concrete, leather or stone ones are also quite common. Textures often are made up of patterns although they look like they are natural and random. The effective use of texture vectors is not limited to creating wallpapers, their characteristics can be included in any design element. By adding texture vectors, we are able to make an illusion of some physical qualities, create levels, and add accents.

So, who wants a design pattern?

The pattern is a visual composition you can see almost everywhere and every day. In fact your house is packed with patterns, for instance, on the wallpaper that dress the wall surfaces of your bedroom. The pattern is a portion of the picture which is predictably replicated on and on to make a bigger, geometric and symmetrical picture.

Both the patterns and textures happen to be popular in artwork. Web developers love to utilize them due to the fact textures and patterns are a most suitable background for a web page – they don’t distract the customer but underline the actual content of your page. It is too costly to buy them one at a time, as a result commonly patterns and textures are sold in packages.

The Definition Of Bundles?

A kit is a pack of graphics or some other design components that can be bought as a group. The best thing about these product packages is their price range. A unit will cost many times less than every item if sold on their own. More often than not, a bundle will include all the things you need to accomplish a design project. These special deals are limited , so don’t miss your opportunity to purchase effective design tools and save money.

Why textures and patterns are important?

Outstanding patterns and textures will bring dynamics and character to your business oriented designs. Take a look at profitable webpage designs or brand identity cases, you will see that they make use of the power of UI elements. To create an eco-friendly and premium feel for the product, graphic designers will work with green or paper texture for the wrapping. A site with a electronics-inspired pattern layout will look cutting-edge and high-quality. If you need your commercial designs to create a certain impact, patterns and textures are your go-to solutions. Choose them carefully and don’t sacrifice higher quality for the price

Suppose the bundle doesn’t contain all the products I need?

Master Bundles offers tons of various deals. If it seems like a certain deal doesn’t provide the thing you need, check out the other ones! If you browse our range, you will undoubtedly find something to satisfy your creative desires. The sets differ in style, difficulty, and price, what’s in common is the fine quality of our UI elements. Use the website menu to guide your way through our archive and enjoy!

Can I obtain any other packages on

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