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Life Story Abstract Illustrations Set – $12

Date of Creation January 6 2020
Author Kaleriia
Category Graphics / Illustrations
Price $12
Rating: 4 (8 votes)
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$12 regular price: $125 - 90%
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Life Story Abstract Illustrations Set Description

Hi! Welcome to my store ♥ I am pleased to present my set “Life story”

Create your own life story with abstract contemporary flat and trendy illustrations!

Collection includes 125+ png. 600 DPI/ ai digital (hand drawn) individual objects with transparent background:

  • 15 ladies – average size is 2500×2500 px PNG + 15 A
  • 10 food objects – average size is 2000×2000 px PNG + 10 AI
  • 10 hands – average size is 2000×2000 px PNG + 10 AI
  • 10 make-up cliparts – average size is 2000×2000 px PNG + 10 AI
  • 5 baby pictures – average size is 2000×2000 px PNG + 5 AI
  • 5 baby pictures – average size is 2000×2000 px PNG + 5 AI
  • 12 different plants – average size is 2500×2000 px PNG + 12 AI
  • 6 compositions (presented in covers) – 2000×2500 px PNG
    Perfect for invitations, greeting cards, posters, wall art, cosmetics, wedding cards, mugs, baby clothing, scrap booking, book covers, coffee cups, pillows, sketchbooks, gift wrapping paper, packaging, Etsy, clothes, blogs, web, banners, prints, stickers, design and much more!

Life Story Abstract Illustrations Set Previews

Stylish illustrations of girls with different styles of clothing.

Girls of different physique and skin color in swimsuits.

The life of a woman in one picture. Women can be sporty, and romantic, and in mini and jeans.

Beautiful and appetizing girls in bathing suits.

Card with a blonde girl on vacation.

Female hands with various attributes.

Posters in a minimalist style with a fashion touch.

Illustrations to describe the attributes for female beauty.

Wrapping paper with graphics for female beauty.

Women's sweet addictions in nude colors.

Bakery set on gingham paper.

The excellent condition of a woman is pregnant and next to her children's attributes.

Pastel colors in photographs and magazine scraps.

The prevailing olive color makes the composition soft and Mediterranean in style.

Elements complementing the composition in the form of flowers and cacti.

These illustrations look very stylish and modern.

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