Interview with Calvin Drews a Digital Vagrant & Travelling Illustrator

 • 6 min read
Author Liza Koenhoven

Today we are happy to speak with a talented guy Calvin Drews, a designer from USA now based in Malaysia.

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Part time computer guy, part time vagabond. I love watercolor and warm weather!

Where are you from? What is your background?
– I was born in Michigan and homeschooled as a kid, but I never really did much schoolwork after 8th grade. As soon as I was old enough, I left home to go to Hawaii by myself and try to live in the jungle. It didn’t work out so well and I ended up back in Michigan a week later. I worked as a furniture carpenter for 3 years, quit, and traveled around the world for a few more years visiting places like India, Malaysia, Australia, Thailand, etc. Eventually, I figured out how to make money selling design resources and traveled for a few more years as a sort of digital nomad living out of a pretty small bag. Eventually, I met my wife and now we live on a little island in malaysia and we have a kid on the way! I don’t know what’s next but I’m looking forward to it.

What made you want to become an artist?
– I loved making furniture, but I can’t do that while traveling. I’ve always been an artist, I guess, but the computer work earned a lot and leaves me time to travel and fiddle around with lots of little projects.

How would you describe your approach?
– I try to imagine something that I would love to buy and then I make it real and as awesome as I can.

Who or what has been the biggest single influence on your way of thinking?
– I really think you just have to make a lot of products and let the sales tell you whats good and what sucks.

How do you think online design resources have influenced the art being produced today?
– Artists can now make a really great living if they are good with computers. Non-artist or people unskilled in certain areas can affordably get a great design template.

What are you passionate about besides your work?
– I love my wife and I love my iPad pencil. I like to go to museums and photograph every motive or ornate design I can find.

Which of your projects has been most important to developing your personal style?
My videos have been a great advantage for me. I really push myself to get comfortable with narration and editing even though I just hate it. Now, I have a lot of followers who like my tutorials and buy my add-ons because they all come with concise video explanations that even a beginner can follow.

What would you say is your strongest skill?
I think I’m good and just getting random ideas for new products and sorting through them. Brainstorming? Something like that.

Do you have any superstitious beliefs or rules that you live by?

I just enjoy how beautiful shadows can look on the sand.

What’s your personal motto?
Be kind and try to do stuff that you think would be awesome.