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MEGA Bundle: 1500 New Vector Icons

File type SVG, PNG
File size 19.67 MB
Date of Creation March 13 2017
Author Egor Polyakov
Category Icons
Price $20
Rating: 4 (4 votes)
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Inmotus Design Studio creates 1500 new icons in scalable format (SVG) for web and mobile design. Colored and black glyph icons are included in our new bundle.
Extended license

Total 1520 icons (formats: SVG, PNG) in next 98 sets (grouped in folders + keywords in names for quick search):
Air force (11 icons)
Alarm signal (5 icons)
Ambassador (11 icons)
Anti theft (8 icons)
API (21 icons)
ATM UI (62 icons)
Axis (10 icons)
Batman (10 icons)
Battery charging (20 icons)
Biometry (14 icons)
Bitcoin (31 icons)
Body pain (13 icons)
Body and figure (12 icons)
Books and operations (11 icons)
Canabis (12 icons)
Cars (11 icons)
Car service (12 icons)
Carnaval masks (10 icons)
Casino chips (32 icons)
Cats (13 icons)
Coctails (13 icons)
Cognat (17 icons)
Counture apps (14 icons)
Crowns (24 icons)
Dactylography (28 icons)
Death (bonus – icon)
Delivery box marks (10 icons)
Drink (7 icons)
Drive wheels (10 icons)
Drone (19 icons)
Dublicate (10 icons)
Eagle (13 icons)
Erase (15 icons)
Fast food (8 icons)
Find fish (18 icons)
Flat design (9 icons)
Flowers (25 icons)
Fluid and instruments (18 icons)
Fluid and pointers (11 icons)
Fuel (14 icons)
Funnel (10 icons)
Futuristic alphabet (28 icons)
Geometry (14 icons)
Glory and laurels (22 icons)
Glue (24 icons)
Guns and cold weapon (15 icons)
Healthy food (17 icons)
Helicopter (14 icons)
Helmet (12 icons)
Historical places (5 icons)
Input instruments (18 icons)
Ireland ornaments (12 icons)
Jewelry (12 icons)
Laser welding (5 icons)
Loaders (24 icons)
Map navigation elements (19 icons)
Material design alphabet (26 icons)
Math round functions (12 icons)
Medals (14 icons)
Mobile phone round elements (28 icons)
NFC payment service (10 icons)
Office stuff (8 icons)
Panda (12 icons)
Penguin (10 icons)
PhD (12 icons)
Pipes and water supply (37 icons)
Planning (32 icons)
Porsche cars (8 icons)
Pretty pointers (10 icons)
RAID (17 icons)
Reservours (16 icons)
Robots and mashines (10 icons)
Roman numbers (9 icons)
Ronin warriors (13 icons)
Round fitness labels (10 icons)
Royal alphabet (28 icons)
Separate (10 icons)
Settings (31 icons)
Siren (10 icons)
Source code (28 icons)
Split (10 icons)
Sport games (23 icons)
Sport cars (17 icons)
Sportsman (10 icons)
Sport wear (2 icons)
Star Wars Heroes (10 icons)
Star Wars Font (26 icons)
Study and learn (10 icons)
Super hero avatars (9 icons)
Tanks (14 icons)
Terrorism (10 icons)
Tourism interests (23 icons)
Tourism places (10 icons)
Transport (5 icons)
USA (13 icons)
WIld animals (27 icons)
Wings (19 icons)
X-ray pain (17 icons)

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