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Created by IndustrialArtworks
File type EPS
Date of Creation February 20 2011
Color blue gray white
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Isometric Fasteners Description

Isometric Fasteners.This library of fasteners contains a lot of the everyday items you would need in typical engineering type illustrations. With over 320 items this is a great asset to have in your toolbox whether you are an everyday technical illustrator or a graphic designer with only an occasional need. Most items are in front and back viewpoints so it can used on all 6 isometric axes. All items are grouped with a white fill. NOTE: These Libraries are not Symbols. Why? Simple. When the artwork is a symbol the line thicknesses will scale when transforming. It is better to let you set the lines thickness to your standard first and then create symbols afterwards if you need it. A group will work just a well. • File is an Adobe illustrator A3 eps, CMYK

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