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Matte & Lush Drone Lightroom Presets with beautiful greens by @fevonos

14 original Lightroom Presets for aerial, travel and landscape photography
28 LR preset variations for brighter and darker looks
1 Instruction Guide

These drone presets have been developed and created together with aerial photographer and Instagrammer @fevonos. All 42 LR presets are specifically developed for aerial photography with drones like the DJI Phantom 4.
Matte & Lush drone bundle features 42 carefully crafted Lightroom presets, inspired by nature’s rich and beautiful green tones.
The toning and colors of these presets have a strong focus on green colors and vary from a moody matte to clear bright look. Each preset is unique and will give your travel and adventure photos incredible lush colors.
These Lightroom presets work best for travel, landscape and adventure photography. The quality of commercial drone cameras can vary, we therefore suggest to shoot and edit all photos in RAW. We’d also recommend to take drone photos either during sunrise or sunset or on a cloudy day as harsh contrasts between light and shadow on a bright day can be difficult to edit.
The presets are designed as one-click solutions for your editing. However, presets work differently on every photo. I recommend adjusting exposure, white balance (temperature & tint) as well as clarity and contrast. If you need any help with applying my presets, please send me a message or email to
The Matte & Lush Drone Lightroom Presets require Lightroom CC version 7.3 or newer. Please verify that you have the correct version, as the new profiles will only work with Lightroom 7.3 or newer!
If you don’t have Lightroom 7.3 or newer and are still interested in purchasing the presets, please send me a message and I’ll do my best to find a solution.

Adobe Lightroom Classic CC 7.5. or 7.3 and newer .
Lightroom presets are only compatible with Adobe Lightroom and will not work in Photoshop.
Full customizable, simply apply the chosen preset and adjust settings to suit.
Use with Windows PC and Mac.
Compatible with RAW and JPEGs, though these Lightroom Presets were specifically created for RAW photos.

If you have any questions regarding this product, please contact before purchase. Once payment is complete, you can download the Lightroom presets instantly.

Matte & Lush Drone Lightroom Presets pinterest preview image.