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Lightroom Presets Bundle Description

Includes everything of our shop. 1200+ Happy customers around the world!2000+ Professional quality presets | The Mega Lightroom Presets Bundle From Hydrozi.

What You’ll Get:

  • 1100 Lightroom Desktop (OLD) Presets (.lrtemplate).
  • 100 Lightroom Mobile Presets (.dng).
  • 1000 Lightroom Classic cc 7.3 + and up / Camera Raw Presets (.xmp).
  • 140 Color Profiles for Lightroom Classic & ACR.
  • PDF Installation Guides.

Compatible With:

  • Windows & Mac: Adobe Lightroom 4,5,6, Adobe Lightroom Classic CC, Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Camera Raw.
  • Android Devices: Adobe Lightroom CC.
  • Apple iOS Devices: Adobe Lightroom CC.
  • Works With & WITHOUT Adobe subscription.

Presets Pack Included:

  • Film Emulation: Inspired by classic film stocks such as Kodak, Ilford, Fujifilm and Agfa; Film Emulation is the perfect way to get the authentic film color look.
  • Black and White: Since the beginning of time, black & white photography is a challenging field of artistic photography. In modern photography black & white at it’s best is art, and many photographers regard it as the classical form of photography. Our team of experts has made a complete collection of pre-made B&W presets. You can apply everything from a variety of looks such as high contrast, faded, dark, dramatic, grunge, HDR, silk and much more.
  • Wedding: Turn photos into memories. This balanced and natural looking set of presets is designed to create a signature style of your bridal photography.
  • Bright and Airy: Do you want a stylish Instagram feed? This package has the best presets to give your images a bright, clean and warm look.
  • Cinematic: Spend more time composing your scene, less time infront of your computer. Because this cinematic collection is surprisingly responsive, dramatic and complete.
  • Moody: Moody collection is all about setting a mood and telling a story. We’ve included five distinct categories of preset packs that can help your images bring a scene to life. This series of presets will work great with lifestyle, portrait and travel photography.
  • Clean Tones: This pack is an absolute choice for adding clean and minimal perfection. It will brighten, deepen and clean the color to make sure that your photos pop!
  • Artistic Collection: Whether you’re a professional photographer, blogger or you simply love artistic photography, you’re going to love this presets. This awesome collection includes Deluxe Colors, Filmic PRO, Food Blogger, High Toned, Photo Delight, Polaroid Look, Soft Pastels, Splendid Photography, Timeless Classics and The Single presets pack.
  • Fashionate: Elegance never fades. Turn your fashion photos into work of art with these High fashion presets. You will get several presets to help you find the perfect option for your next editorial.
  • Film Look: The Film look is something you should use in order to make a photo feel more cinematic and filmy. If there’s has been a noticeable trend in post-production in the past few years, it’s the enthusiasm for old school, film-style looks. That’s why you should obviously grab it. This collection includes film look color and film look BW presets.
  • Instagram: If you ever wanted to grow your instagram following and have found yourself browsing through tutorials, blog posts and how-to videos, then this pack of preset is for you. This pack includes: Insta Inspired, Orange and Teal and Instagram Influencer presets.
  • Toolkit: When it comes to developing a speedy LR workflow, a collection of stackable presets is the most efficient system. The ultimate LR Toolkit (250 presets) is divided into more than 10 Toolsets. From temperature, exposure and contrast, to vibrance, sharpening and noise reduction, to light leaks, tint, vignettes and frames, we’ve got your photos fully covered.
  • Foodicious: Colors so yummy you can taste them. Deliver mouthwatering photos with appetizing food presets. Perfect for recipe websites, food bloggers and sharing your cooking skills on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or your own blog.
  • MatteBox: This collection of presets has been designed to give your images the popular matte finish look by washing out the colors especially fading the blacks slightly and making your images appear as if they have been printed on matte paper.
  • Vintage: Giving photos a perfect vintage vibe is kinda tricky. If you’re searching for a quick and easy way to edit your photos and add premium quality Retro, Vintage, Sepia, Monochrome or Lomo look you should grab it.
  • Honey Essence: This presets are developed to give your images a golden honey vibe with enhanced tan skin tones. This collection is ideal for adding warm and golden glow to your natural looking images. They are absolutely perfect for indoor and outdoor photography, summer and travel photos.

Lightroom Presets Bundle Previews

A beautiful young girl is sitting next to a mountain of pineapples.A girl in the image of a nymph on a tree.Stylish photoset in a yellow room with a girl in a yellow suit.Urban photo session against the backdrop of high-rise buildings.Wedding photo session in the forest.Art photoset with a vivid image.Summer photo session of a happy girl.Summer bike ride.Beautiful long-haired girl on the seashore.Red-haired girl wrapped in a garland.Photoshoot of a girl in a bright room and in a gentle way.Portrait shooting.Photoset with a dark horse of a beautiful girl.Children's photography in a field with daisies.Stretching spring honey.A bright picture with matches in a glass jar.Freshly squeezed orange juiceGreen grapes in an arthouse style.Excellent breakfast with pancakes and honey.Collage of summer products for a great time in the heat.You will get freshness, healthiness and incredible taste from these products.Girl on the background of a vintage door.Nature photo session at the stable.Young and modern girl on the bridge.A girl in a swimsuit is cooling off under a summer shower on a hot day.Collection of female photosets.Stylish photo set in a minimalist style with a hint of the Scandinavian countries.Ballroom with magical sea and mountain views.Newborn baby in a soft pink blanket.Vacation photo of the girl on the beach.A loving couple on the background of the Taj Mahal.Newborn baby in a knitted beige plaid.A girl in a cafe somewhere on the Mediterranean coast.Preparatory stages of the bride for the wedding.Collage for visualization about the best travel.Women's photographs in warm colors.Decorative cosmetics in a stylish design.A girl rides a bicycle in Bali.Oh, those ripe pineapples. It is impossible to pass by without a photo.Tropical photosets outdoors and in the wild.Photos for the wedding album.A rainforest, a bicycle and a beautiful girl - all the ingredients for a good shot are there.Portrait of a little red-haired girl.Black and white pictures in different formats.Hard biker style photo with a guy on a motorcycle.Forest portrait photography.Young girl on a motorcycle in a big city.Contemporary photography with shadows.Girl in lingerie with flowers in the middle of the field.Simple, but interesting in the shadows photography.A collection of pictures with the play of shadows.A beautiful collage with photos of different types.About Lightroom Presets Bundle.Lightroom Presets Bundle on desktop and mobile.

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