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Date of Creation February 13 2023
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Milky Haze MDV Lightroom Presets are great for all genres of photos. They add a slight matte softness that will give your photos a hazy look. Varying colours and strengths for each preset.
These presets will look different depending on what photo you are using. Some presets will lighten your photo and some will darken it and give it more of a matte look. Try them on portraits, landscapes and other genres. Play around with the lightroom sliders to get the look you want. This pack of 10 presets vary in strength so give your shots a little lift or plenty of impact.
MDV presets will save you time and speed up your workflow. They are a great starting point and will work with one click. The best part is they are also customisable so play around a little and discover what effects you can achieve. All the MDV presets work with RAW files and JPEGs and they are compatible with LR4, 5, 6 & CC.
INSTALLATION & TERMS OF USE: When you download these presets you will get a set of installation instructions and the terms of use. Please read these before you use the presets.
Please contact me at: if you have any concerns or queries about your purchase, I’d be happy to help out.
Enjoy your presets šŸ™‚

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