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Have you ever faced a situation without a client with a project, a deadline, a budget, and a brief? Have you ever created products for marketplaces? Everything – from approach to workflow – differs in these two situations.

To facilitate your experience with creating products for marketplaces MasterBundles created a Product Calendar for Designers.

What Is a Product Calendar for Designers?

It’s a calendar that will help you to understand what products to design and what products to promote in a particular month. It includes vast categories, for example, “spring”, and designs for holidays and special occasions, for example, New Year or Black Friday.

Why Using a Product Calendar Is Important?

Everything is good in its season, so the designs 🙂

If you upload Black Friday designs in November, there is a risk that all major merchants already created banners for their campaigns and ads and don’t look for templates, fonts, icons, and footage anymore. Therefore, it’s crucial to offer the products and services just in time and meet the demand. We recommend creating Christmas designs in September and October (at the latest) and Valentine’s Day designs – in December, and… You will find out about the rest if you download our Product Calendar for Designers! For free – we support everyone, who makes this world a better place 🙂

product calendar for designers

product calendar for designers
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