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Created by EldamarStudio
File size 342B
Date of Creation February 3 2023
Color blue brown gray purple
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5000+ Realistic Photo Overlays is the largest and most diverse collection of Overlays in 2018 for real professionals.
Save precious time and master your skills with over 5000+ realistic photo overlays.
Add soft and cool vibes to your designs.
Huge library of realistic HD photo overlays;
Compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux;
Can be easily adjusted to fit your image;
High resolution ready to print 300DPI;
5000+ HD Photo overlays (5000x3500px – 300dpi).
Look what you will get:
700 Abstract Light Leaks Photo Overlays
300 Abstract Blurred Light Leaks
220 Light Bokeh Photo Overlays
200+ Light Leaks Photo Overlays
150 Color Waves Photo Overlays
137 Fire Effect Photo Overlay
135 Natural Sun Light Photo Overlays
128 Pink Bokeh Photo Overlays
117 Glitter Effect Photo Overlays
100+ Smoke Photo Overlays
100+ Silver Bokeh Photo Overlays
100+ Golden Bokeh Photo Overlays
100 Yellow Bokeh Overlays
100 Red Rose Petals Overlays
100 Red Bokeh Overlays
100 Rainbow Bokeh Overlays
100 Rain Photo Overlays
100 Purple Bokeh Overlays
100 Orange Bokeh Overlays
100 Night Sky Overlays
100 Light Green Bokeh Overlays
100 Light Blue Bokeh Overlays
100 Lens Flare Photo Overlays
100 Grey Bokeh Overlays
100 Green Bokeh Overlays
100 Golden Dust Photo Overlays
100 Fireworks Overlays
100 Brown Bokeh Overlays
100 Bokeh Heart Overlays
100 Blue Bokeh Overlays
96 Grunge & Grain Photo Overlays
80 Snowflake Photo Overlays
80 Romantic Sky Overlays
80 Romantic Bokeh Overlays
60+ Fog Photo Overlays
60 Confetti Overlays
55 Spring Light Leaks Photo Overlays
50 Winter Frames
50 Frozen Photo Overlays
50 Fragments Photo Overlays
50 Floating Hearts Photo Overlays
36 Fog and Rain Photo Overlays
20 Grainy Vignettes Photo Overlays
Software Requirements:
Compatible with any software that allows you to work with layers (Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Paint Shop Pro, PicMonkey, Gimp, etc.).

5000+ Professional Photo Overlays pinterest preview image.