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Watercolor Leaves Collection – $11

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Watercolor Leaves Collection

WATERCOLOR LEAVES COLLECTION is the ultimate shortcut to better creative work. We hope that this collection leaves you feeling as inspired as we do. We wanted this floral and flourishes collection to help you with all kinds of your design projects.

All our artworks was originally hand painted and don`t have white background. All images in .PNG and .PSD on a transparent background.

This vintage elegant and delicate collection was inspired by wedding trends and painting bouquets.
Watercolor Leaves

DIY projects, valentine cards, wedding invitations, greeting cards, identity, packaging design, cases, photos, posters, bags, wallart, logos, quotes, social media: blogs, website, banners Instagram, Pinterest and more: very pretty wall art, elegant branding and they suit wedding stationery very well. You can use the separate elements to create your own arrangements, or for an effortless solution to your design projects.


  • 16 Flourishes
  • 27 Leaves
  • 10 Floral frames
  • 8 Flower wreaths

61 .PNG (300dpi) hand drawn watercolor graphic elements. Each element on an individual png with transparent background.
2 of it in .PSD layered files.


PSD files: Adobe Photoshop CS4 or newer.
PNG files: PNG files can be opened with most graphic editing software

Watercolor Leaves

Watercolor Leaves

Watercolor Leaves

Watercolor Leaves

Watercolor Leaves

Watercolor Leaves

Watercolor Leaves

Watercolor Leaves

Watercolor Leaves

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