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88% OFF: Watercolor Eucalyptus MEGASet (680 files)

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Watercolor Eucalyptus MEGASet

Hello Greenery Lovers! Just wrapped-up this incredible MEGASet comprising hi-res eucalyptus goodies for you, to fast create endless creative results for your inspired projects! Yay!
The DEAL is loaded with 680+ ready-to-use files! This means that the whole floral set has the transparent background, therefore it can be used as PNG files aaaand…fully scalable vector files (.eps)! Awesome, right?
So the only software you actually need….is the one you already have installed on your working station. For fancier projects, you may use Adobe Illustrator / Corel Draw for the vectorial format of the files.
With this deal you get:
Greenery Watercolor Eucalyptus I:
• 3 PNG Sets: 37 x Rustic (grungy look), 31 x Raw (as seen on my watercolor papers), and 31 x Enhanced (color-pop!)
• 1 EPS Set: 31 fully scalable vector files for the Enhanced version of the elements.

Greenery Watercolor Eucalyptus II:
• 3 PNG Sets: 40 x Rustic (grungy look), 30 x Raw (as seen on my watercolor papers), and 30 x Enhanced (color-pop!)
• 1 EPS Set: 30 fully scalable vector files for the Enhanced version of the elements.

Greenery Watercolor Eucalyptus III:
• 4 PNG Sets: 60 x Enhanced (color-pop!), 60 x Dreamy (melancholic look), 60 x Rustic (grungy look), 60 x Raw (as seen on my watercolor papers)
• 1 large EPS Set: 180 fully scalable vector files for the Enhanced, Dreamy, and Rustic version of the elements.

Take a look at what you can get:
Watercolor Eucalyptus MEGASet

Watercolor Eucalyptus MEGASet

Watercolor Eucalyptus MEGASet

• All elements are RGB at 1200dpi (highest resolution you can get from my scanner – haha!)
• Elements size may vary according to their initial hand-drawing on the watercolor paper.
• You can use these elements anywhere in your project due to the transparent background;
MAIN USAGE: wedding stationary, save the date, social media, flyers, posters, banners, marketing campaigns, greeting cards, branding, packaging, phone cases, bags and totes, wall art, logos, quotes, blogs, website, blog. Actually any place you love!
Enjoy! Love you!

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