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Voltury American Vintage Font Duo

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American Vintage Font

American Vintage Font. Every font have an unique character and thats character is the expression of your design

Now let us introduce our new font called “Voltury”

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Voltury Textured.otf

Voltury is a vintage typeface made by our hand lettering, this script created carefully to make a good flow and great character, this font made inspired by American vintage signage and packaging.

Voltury comes with 2 styles
– clean
– rough

Also comes with opentype feature with ligature and stylistic alternate so you have more fleksibility to mix and match the letters and make your design stand out from the crowd and it comes with multilingual support.

Whats inside
– Voltury .otf / ttf
– Voltury textured .otf / ttf
– Cascade clean .otf / ttf
– Cascade rough .otf / ttf

all fonts inside this product is perfectly paired when used together and will make your design more interesting.

Check this link to see all glyph inside this product : https://bit.ly/2Oa3DVo

American Vintage Font Previews

Voltury American Vintage Font Duo - 1 .png

Voltury American Vintage Font Duo - 2 .png

Voltury American Vintage Font Duo - 3 .png

Voltury American Vintage Font Duo - 4 .png

Voltury American Vintage Font Duo - 5 .png

Voltury American Vintage Font Duo - 6 .png

Voltury American Vintage Font Duo - 7 .png

Voltury American Vintage Font Duo - 8 .png

Voltury American Vintage Font Duo - 9 .png 1024x681

Voltury American Vintage Font Duo - 10 .png 1024x683

Voltury American Vintage Font Duo - 11 .png 1024x681

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