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The Enchanted Woods Journal (3 sizes) – $35

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The Enchanted Woods Journal – Letter
The Enchanted Woods Journal – A4
The Enchanted Woods Journal – A5

This 176+ page printable journal collection is specially made for the bullet journal and printable planner lovers in mind. If you like doodling, writing notes, scrap booking, using washi tapes and cute stickers on your journals.. this is for YOU.

For more in-depth details about this printable journal, click below to read blog post: https://janicedesigns.co/all-you-need-to-know-about-the-enchanted-woods-journal/

This collection is a cross between bullet journaling and goal-setting printables. I took the best of both worlds and created something special with this magical theme.

Although this is not your typical bullet journal you see out there in the market place, I have designed it to simplify the lives of bullet journal fans; keeping in mind for those who enjoy goal-setting printables as well.

Features of the Enchanted Woods Journal Printable Collection:

  • Give you access to 176+ pages of pure joy with lines and tables all ready for you to write, doodle and personalize your journal and more…
  • 1 cover page
  • This Journal Belongs to page
  • Dream Big Planner
  • Yearly Planner (Plan each month of the year)
  • Overview Yearly Planner (A birds eye view for the whole year)
  • Consists of 12 sets of Monthly Planners
  • 60 sets of Un-dated Weekly Planners and
  • 12 sets of Note Pages (print as many as you want to use)
  • 14 beautiful and positive motivational quotes to keep you inspired and motivated as you plan
  • each month (including the intro pages of this journal)
  • Cute and magical clip arts which makes your journal one of a kind.

The benefits of using the Enchanted Woods Journal will:

Help you stop wasting precious time, so you can focus on what matters most – planning, creating and exploring your creative side so you can create the journal you love using.
There’s NO journal rules to follow. You set your own rules!
Help invoke mindfulness – journaling will help bring your wandering mind to attention and engage actively with your thoughts
Be more organized and help you achieve your goals – writing your goals down will provide a psychological blueprint and increases the likelihood of achieving them.
Help boost your memory and understanding – the act of writing causes the mind to create the formation of letters in the brain which then causes the mind to formulate ideas while journaling. This helps you to remember and comprehend better.
Help you to heal emotionally, physically and psychologically when you practice expressive writing.
Boost self-confidence -The release of endorphins and dopamine will help boost your self-esteem and mood when you write about a positive experience. This allows your brain to relieve it and reaffirms your abilities when self-doubt appears.
Get your copy today and enjoy the benefits of what journaling and goal-planning can do for your mental health and your life.

Only for personal use. You’re not allow to re-sell this item or use it for commercial use.

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