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Watercolor Pumpkin Clipart Bundle – $12

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Watercolor Pumpkin Clipart

Watercolor Pumpkin Clipart. I’m glad to present to you my new watercolor collection – Pumpkin Clipart. The archive includes watercolor and line art pumpkins, flowers, leaves, and different design things.

You can use it for the design of greeting cards, party decor and invitations, digital projects, textiles, packaging, home and kitchen decor, prints. You’ll create frames, patterns, cards for your project or use Ready-to-use combinations.

This collection of Watercolor Pumpkin Clipart contains:

  • 7 watercolor hand-painted elements in PNG, EPS format (300dpi) with transparent background (min 4000х4000px)
  • 16 line art illustrations in PNG – 8 with watercolor gold texture, 8 in black versions. 300 DPI, transparent pumpkin background. Black versions of illustrations are available in EPS format too
  • 27 pre-made compositions in PNG, 300 DPI, transparent pumpkin background
  • 7 pre-made cards and templates in PNG, 300 DPI, transparent background
  • 9 patterns in PNG, 300 DPI, transparent background, 2 patterns in jpg
  • 16 watercolor backgrounds in PNG, 300 DPI, transparent pumpkin background

Watercolor Pumpkin Clipart previews

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