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Patriotic America Clip Art

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Patriotic America Clip Art

Patriotic America Clip Art for USA Federal Holidays: Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Inauguration Day, Flag Day, Patriot Day, Presidents day.

With this file you will able to create awesome and unique cards, logos and any type of designs with cute hand-drawn Patriotic America elements. Watercolor paintings scanned at high resolution and have transparent background. You can also get great designs using them together for 4th July, Independence day, Patriot day or Labor day.

INCLUDED (all files are 300 dpi)

40 x Separate elements in PNG with transparent background, 11 x banners with sunglasses and watercolor silhouette of the city in JPEG with transparent background width size aprox.: 5000px

Patriotic America Clip Art

Patriotic America Clip Art

Patriotic America Clip Art

Patriotic America Clip Art

Patriotic America Clip Art

Patriotic America Clip Art

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