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Olives Watercolor Collection – $15

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This is a story about my love for the Mediterranean – the endless olive groves, the ringing of cicadas and the soaring summer heat. About love to healthy nutrition and natural beauty. In this set you will find everything to create a beautiful branding, packaging, website design or business cards – with the help of watercolor illustrations you will add a piece of soul and a lot of emotions to your project.

This collection includes:

19 individual watercolor elements in .png with transparent background
30 individual line art elements in .png with transparent background – 15 in black color and 15 with real watercolor gold texture. Black illustration – in eps format too.
3 wreaths in .png with transparent background
5 patterns in .png with transparent background
5 olives branches in .png with transparent background
3 cards in .png with transparent background
10 watercolor splashes in .png with transparent background
3 watercolor backgrounds with real gold texture in jpg
3 watercolor paper in jpg
All illustrations 300 DPI, minimum 5000×5000 pixels. The PNG files are compatible with most graphic programs and can be used with any version of Adobe Photoshop. Thank you for visiting my shop!
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Olives Watercolor Collection - $15 - 01 6
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